Spreading Kindness at Plantation Shutters Ltd


Spreading Kindness at Plantation Shutters Ltd

Whilst many strive to inject a dose of Kindness into their daily activities, busy schedules and modern life can see us forgo random acts of kindness in favour of chasing time we never seem to have enough of.

This year, more than ever, World Kindness Day is a great opportunity to reflect on care towards others and ourselves and maybe even taking steps to add that extra bit of thoughtfulness into our day.

“The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty and Truth.” Albert Einstein.

Kindness doesn’t just mean taking care of each other, but ourselves too. It isn’t news that this year has been a challenging one for many and so in light of World Kindness day we’ve come up a list of 5 top tips for spreading some love to celebrate this day of kindness.


1. Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness can take any shape, and many of us will unintentionally carry these out without realising. Today though, you could take special notice of how to help those around you. Whether you pay for a strangers newspaper in the shop, offer to assist if you see someone struggling, or do something completely unexpected for a partner such as running a bath and telling them to take 30 minutes out whilst you handle the kids, acts of kindness can be organic or planned. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll benefit from a fantastic feeling if you manage to squeeze one of these gestures into your day.


2. Reach out to friends and family 

Many would agree that this year has brought them closer to their loved ones and made them truly appreciate time spent together virtually or in person. On this day of kindness, if there are friends or family members that you think could do with a friendly voice, or who you haven’t connected with in while, why not reach out and check in?


3. Reflect on your own self-care - take time for you 

Life can get away from us and it’s easy to get caught up in hectic schedules, never taking a moment to show ourselves some self-care. Whether you sit and reflect on your own day and emotional wellbeing, go for a run and release some endorphins, or sit and enjoy a hot drink in some peace and quiet, focus on you for a little while today.


4. Strive to be more charitable 

Many generous individuals practice charitable giving for those less fortunate as a standard, however if you feel like you might like to help one of the thousands of projects dedicated to positive causes, today might be a good one to start! Importantly, charitable giving does not need to be purely financial as traditionally associated, you can be charitable by offering your time and voice as your donation. Everyone values different ventures and with so much kindness to spread around you can focus on something that is important to you if you decide to use this day of compassion to enhance your charitable spirit.


5. Set yourself a kindness goal 

World Kindness Day is a great chance to reflect, kickstart or encourage acts of kindness but doesn’t need to be restricted to a single day. If you want to work on your compassion, you can set yourself a goal personal to you for the next month or even year to be reflected upon to help with encourage your kind side. Here at Plantation Shutters our kindness goal is to offer our customers the very best shutters available in the market at exceptional prices with unparalleled customer service from the offset right through to aftercare and the warranty period…. Oh wait! We do that already!


From the whole team at Plantation Shutters Ltd, wishing you the kindest of days.

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I had good experience in buying shutter blinds for patio door. I needed consultation for measurements and customization of blinds doors.