Summer Time!

Summer Time!

With Summer officially starting this week, wouldn’t it be great if we could wake up every morning to a sunny day and with a marvellous view such as the one on the photo below?

Since we build our houses with winter in mind, during the summer we can feel like we are living in a sauna.

An easy solution would be to open our interior windows as wide we can to allow for a breeze but unfortunately, it isn’t always as simple as that. If you live in London you know that privacy is also very important with people passing by or even your neighbours looking right inside your house.

This is when Plantation Shutters became essential. Because of their many shutter styles that are custom-made to fit any window size or shape, you can choose which part of your window you want to cover without missing out on the sunlight. Take the tier on tier shutters style for instance, it allows you to open fully the top shutter panels and the bottom ones separately to each other, so you can control the amount of sunlight or even breeze that comes in and due to the functionality of the plantation shutters slats, they can be opened and closed as you please. See image below:

Tier on Tier Shutters Style

The café style shutters offer a similar solution for privacy if you wish to cover only the bottom part of your window.

Cafe Style Shutters 1

Cafe Style Shutters 2

The truth is Summer is one of the most cheerful seasons of the year as the sunshine brings smiles to all our faces and I believe that we get more excited about doing usual things such as going to work or a simple walk by the Thames. By the way, don’t forget your sunblock!

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Customer Reviews

We had shutters fitted to our flat a couple of weeks ago and couldn't be happier. Good customer service during the decision making and great on-site team. Our shutters look amazing!

Gemma, a customer from London via Google Reviews