Summer Trends For You To Get Involved With Right Now

Photos by GITC Architects, Dulux UK and Plantation Shutters

Summer Trends For You To Get Involved With Right Now

June is finally here! Well, almost. But with the sun breaking through the storms that we’ve had to contend with for the last week, we can start looking forward to a glorious summer. With that, it’s the perfect time to bring your home into the happy season too.

That’s why we’ve had an extensive search through the various trends that are seeping into the interior design industry this time of year and have picked out our five favourites just for you.

Pop Colouring – Get your pop art on with some bold colour schemes jumping out at you. There’s no point having that extra burst of sunlight if all you’re illuminating is a dark and dreary scene. Don’t be afraid to get the yellows, greens and pinks on display. It does have to come in the form of oversized furniture either. It’s amazing how much of a difference a throw can do for a room.

Photo via Dulux UK

Photo via Dulux UK

Botanicals – Summer is a time to get out there and enjoy a little nature, at least while it’s on display in the perfect sunshine. But the greenery doesn’t have to remain outside for it to have the desired effect. As we read in a copy of Ideal Home, bringing some plant life inside is great for the soul and as a method of breaking up a homes design allowing for new textures and sensations to come through. If you’re looking for the subtle approach to this, as opposed to drapes of wisteria occupying your home, Abigail Ahern’s shop has some stunning selections of greenery.

All the shades of white – A common misconception for people picking out their colour whether that be for their living room furnishings or clothes is that there’s only one palette of white. For us here at Plantation Shutters our shutters can be ordered in over 28 different colours and stains with a custom colour match option for the extra bold. But of that 28 there are ten shades of white to pick apart and find your perfect tone to work in unison with the glorious sunshine.

Plantation Shutters Project 2018

Hints of the Blues – Much like the greenery, inserting blue into your space’s décor can transform a room from a dull monotonous drone into a far more vibrant space without overdramatizing it. Though with a calming hue of blue you can use it as a compromise for a room in the form of a vase or even a table or fully commit to the colour scheme with wall colouring or a bright rug. All of these will improve your spaces exponentially. Our preferred way to initiate the calm vibes is with plants, such as a Nemesia Blue Gem, subtle but makes all the difference.

You can taste the Gelato – For the final trend that we want to throw into the ring, we wanted to offer up something for the bold. A few months ago, we reported on the amazing display that Camille Walala put on for the London Design Festival. Obviously, her work, which now stands permanently in Shoreditch, has had a resounding effect. One of the big trends we’ve found is exploding forth is the inclusion of Ice Cream tones.

Photo via GITC Architects

Photo via GITC Architects

That being mellow oranges, hot pink, shades of cream and warm blues. This comes together as a soft palette that brings with it a very bold statement that restores everyone’s childhood. Much like the blue we mentioned before, including this trend comes in many forms and the beauty of interior design is that it’s always ultimately up to you.

And there you have it, we hope we’ve given you plenty of food for thought in your preparation for the summer months. Let us know what your favourites are and do peek through our colour options to find that perfect tone just for you and if you’re set on one particular tone then feel free to give us a call and we’ll talk you through our special custom colour match options.

We’ll see you next week for another list of awe-inspiring interior design accounts that have to be added to your Instagram following list. As always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today. Have a scan through our many shutters designs available and test out our online calculator to start your journey with us.

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