Tackling your spring cleaning


Tackling your spring cleaning

Spring has once again sprung and amongst the new growth and bursts of sunshine you might be starting to think about taking on the traditional spring clean and getting your home bright and fresh ready for summer. If you’re new to spring cleans and are looking for some guidance about taking on this mission for the first time then we have done the leg work and gathered some expert advice on undertaking your spring clean to help. Here are some top tips to follow: 

Decide on a practical way to tackle the clean

Before you start your clean it is a good idea to plan ahead about how you will take this on so you are working as efficiently as possible. There are two possibilities for this – breaking the work down by room, or alternatively tackling it by task. It is unlikely that you will undertake the whole clean in one go unless you have set aside a lengthy designated block of time so consider which will be the more successful technique over a period of time. If you are cleaning by room then it will be useful to write a breakdown of every job per room. For example, if you are starting with the kitchen you will have each of your appliances to work through as well as any general tasks for the room. The Spruce and Molly Maid have some fantastic tips on spring cleaning that are worth a look straight from the experts.

Enlist some help

The spring clean is quite a task and undertaking this alone can be a mission. If you are lucky enough to have someone who can give a hand then be sure to utilise their help for your clean. This will help reduce the time spent and also make it more enjoyable to have some company whilst you work. Having someone to help can assist with your motivation, give comradery for the task and will be some extra muscle for heavier items. On completion there will also be a shared gratification and pride for the task which may even result in a lengthier period before the work starts to become undone.

Your cleaning soundtrack

If you’re taking on the bulk of the clean yourself then you’ll want to make sure that you have some motivational tracks to keep you going throughout. Podcasts and music are a great way to keep you company and can help pass the time by being entertained or learning something new depending on your listening preference.

Choose your tools

You might need some extra cleaning tools under your belt for a spring clean than these which you may have stocked for your weekly clean. If you are planning to battle appliances such as the oven you will need some higher intensity cleaners which you may not usually have to hand. It is worth researching beforehand to see what multi-cleaners you could opt for to save buying numerous products. It is also worth checking what their suitability is so you do not end up damaging any of your surfaces. The best balance is having products that are suitable for multiple spaces but that still effectively work where used. Many environmentally kind products boast this multi-functionality, so it is always worth exploring these more sustainable options wherever possible.   

Make a list of things to tick off so you can track your achievements

Working from a set check list will help give a clear breakdown of tasks you need to complete so you can work through and tick off as you go. Good housekeeping and House Beautiful have done some of the work for you by creating some lists that you can adapt to your own home.

Don’t forget your shutters!

When taking on your spring clean don’t forget to give your shutters a good clean too. On installation we will send over some aftercare instructions to keep your shutters in the best possible condition so take a look at these for some tips on how to care for your shutters and add them into your spring clean checklist. These are also available via this link.

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