Team Margot Rowers are back on the water!

Team Margot Rowers are back on the water!

After over 20 years doing shutters (and probably going through a mid-life crisis) I'll be rowing once again with Team Margot Rowers. This is certainly one of our biggest challenges yet as a team as we will be entering 2 boats in this years' Celtic Challenge - a 94 mile in 24 hours rowing race from Ireland to Wales.

Everyone here at Plantation Shutters thinks I'm trying to find myself but they are conscious and well-informed we're doing it for a much greater cause. This will be in memory of Margot Martini to raise ‪awareness‬ and funds for Team Margot Foundation & to highlight the need for more people to sign up to the ‪‎Bone Marrow Register‬.

You can help us complete this immense challenge by visiting our fundraising page and making a donation until April 30th - click here to make a donation.

If you are not happy donating, you can still help delete Blood Cancer by registering as a blood stem cell donor. It is very simple, visit the website below for more information.

Thank you, Rob James.


Submitted by Yaser on
THANK YOU Rob ! And also to all at Plantation Shutters for your fantastic continued support. It is an honour and a privilege to row with you, Rob. I share your disappointment in not finishing the Celtic Challenge 2017, but also agree that it was absolutely the right thing for us to retire from the event. Only 4 of the 13 boats that started, actually finished ! We can all be rightly proud of what we have achieved - not least that we were one of the lead boats for over 16 hours. And also that our efforts are helping to save lives. Yaser, Margot's father Team Margot Together, saving lives

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