Tips for improving your Home Workspace


Tips for improving your Home Workspace

Many have found themselves working from home over the last year, be it consistently or on and off as working guidelines change. Many will have already found suitable solutions to their home working set ups but here are some useful tips for improving this work area or considerations if you are still getting set up.

Get your set up just right

It’s important to get your set up just right to ensure that you are comfortable and productive when working from home. You don’t need to break the bank on expensive desks, chairs or other required equipment however if it looks as though working from home will last for the long run it is definitely worth investing some money to make sure your set up is as good as it can be. Gradually you’ll work out everything you need but your essentials will of course be your desk, chair, computer, notebook, stationary. If you’re utilising a space as a multifunctional area such as working from your kitchen table then be sure to allow yourself additional time in the morning to get set up as apposed to just opening up your laptop so that you feel as though you are set up for your day. In the same boat, be sure to clear away your working space at the end of your working day so you can settle into your evening spare time without the temptation of logging back on to emails.

Remove yourself from distractions

Try and face your desk/workspace away from anything that might distract you from your work such as a tv to avoid any procrastinations temptations. If you don’t have the space or resources to work in an entirely separate room then be smart with the workspace location and relocate either yourself or any such items for the working day. You may need your phone to take work calls but if not then consider leaving this in another room as this will likely be the biggest cause for distraction.

Taking regular breaks will also help with keeping your mind focused. It can be tempting to work throughout the day and eat lunch at your desk but it’s important to give your brain a rest and legs a stretch. Get out for a walk, run or even practise some yoga or mindfulness exercises in your designated lunch break to help keep yourself focused for your afternoon work.

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Add plants to breathe life into the space

Adding plants to any space is a great way to enhance interior zen and this applies to your home workspace. Invest in some plant life that can sit in your work areas to increase oxygen in the space and also give a nice addition to the space. Cut flowers will also look great on desk areas but are higher maintenance than a plant as they will need replacing more regularly, a nice treat for yourself to have some seasonal cuts on display though.

Comfort is Key

Being comfortable in your office area is vital for long and productive days sat at the desk so be sure to set yourself up with a comfortable chair or cushions to help your posture and comfort during the day. Despite the traditional desk set up usually being a chair for seating, you could also opt for another alternative such as a fitness ball to help with posture and general comfort for the day. Whilst making yourself comfortable is important to avoid any aches or pains, there’s a fine line to balance where you might get over-comfortable which can affect your productivity. A great tip for when you’re starting to feel afternoon fatigue setting in is to make sure that you regularly create a cross breeze into the room to refresh oxygen levels, and just generally make you feel brighter and more awake.

Get the lighting right

The lighting levels of your workspace can also have a direct impact to your productivity levels. Natural light is preferable but in winter months this will obviously be limited, and you will also bound by the limitation of your working area and space. Stark lighting can have an effect on your eyes and concentration so be wise with your choices and have regular breaks from your screen. It may also be worth having a look at your computer screen brightness too as a particularly bright or high contrast can strain your eyes. The best option is to go for a combination of lowering your screen level and reducing contrast levels, you will need to play around with these levels until you get to your preferred combination so this might take some time.

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Add an inspiration or memo board

It can be hard to motivate yourself when not surrounded by colleagues in an office environment, so you’ll need to add your own spark of productivity. Having an inspiration board can focus a wondering mind to your goals and bring you back into work mode. Depending on your personal organisation techniques, a memo board can also be a great addition to your space to add notes, post-its or reminders so it is directly in front of your attention throughout the day.

Home comforts

A good idea to keep your mind occupied elsewhere is to split your home comforts and work additions so you can really compartmentalise between your home and work time. This will help you through the day but will also give a clear divide between home and work time. A good example of this is designating a ‘work mug’ that you use during your working hours and not using this in your down time so there is a clear split between the time.

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