Top 10 Instagram accounts to Follow this April

Interior Design by Magic Projects

Top 10 Instagram accounts to Follow this April

April is here and that can only mean one thing…it’s time for another top ten interior design Instagram accounts to follow! Over the course of the last month, we’ve been scouring the Instagrammer-sphere for the most bang on trend, wonderfully wacky and most inspirational Instagram accounts, that have to be on your following list.

The Modern Nursery

Kicking off our list for this month is the friendly and bright account, The Modern Nursery. This mum to the stars was stuck for lack of choice in ways to spruce up her little one’s nesting den, so took it upon herself to start something. And The Modern Nursery is what has resulted. Showing off the latest and best baby products from lighting to toys, these guys know what they’re talking about so when you’re feeling spoilt for choice rather than stuck, have a peek through this feed for a sure-fire winner.

Laura Stephens Interior Design

Based in and around South West London, just like us, is Laura Stephens Interior Design, with her stunning work cropping up in homes all over the area with her colourful style on display for all to see. Combining the modern colour trends and furniture in these traditional homes gives each of her projects a level of individuality that’s on many people’s minds in this area of London now. Scrolling through her feed shows all the amazing homes where the style scheme works perfectly. Small additions made to her feed shows off the process she goes through for each of her projects, highlighting the scope of how she makes an individual effort to cater for clients. We’re big fans of the bold entrance to that home with the blue on the stairs against the white walls and the glass doors that do very well to open up the living room space.

 Magic Projects

It may have been a very bold company name to go for when the company was first founded, like naming a new born Athena, but Magic Projects seem to have pulled it off with their stunning work in residential construction and refurbishment. Much like Laura Stephens, they do an incredible job to reimagine traditional spaces, accept these guys begin from the ground up. Operating as a unit of interior designers, architects, surveyors and construction experts, their work is always to an outstanding standard. Looking through their feed, you can see where a lot of their inspiration comes from and how that inspiration translates into their work.

Interior design by Hatch Interiors

Photo via Hatch Interiors

Mascot Bespoke Homes

Another company that sits in the construction world, and whose digs are just up the road from us near Wandsworth Common — Mascot Bespoke. We’ve worked with Mascot Bespoke on several occasions over the last few years and we always admire the luxurious spin they put on all their work across South West London. We love their feed for its variance, which shows off an ability to adapt to the wants and needs of their clients resulting in stunning work, such as their garden design in their Chiswick project.

Lucy Will Show You

It’s the time of the bloggers now, with this London based lifestyle blogger whose focus on fashion, travel and all aspects of design allows for some gems of wisdom for all. Something that certainly caught our eye with her feed is how it transcends global styles giving her feed a chameleon feel to it making it constantly fresh and relevant. A great account for someone who wants to get lost in someone else’s space.

Pentreath and Hall

Probably the most colourful entry for this month’s list. Pentreath and Hall is a shop stacked with a mass variety of bright and bold furnishings aimed at adding a kaleidoscopic look to your home. Their feed is a constant expansion of colour and different design meaning there’s something for everyone’s style from vases with traditional oriental pattern work or throw cushions that wouldn’t look out of place at a bar in Morocco. It’s a perfect feed to rifle through some ideas to put a colourful spin on your home.

Interior design by Laura Stephens Interior Design

Photo via Laura Stephens Interior Design

Homegirl London

For this entry we’re looking at everything London. Homegirl London has her finger on the pulse when it comes to art, shopping, eating, design, food and experiences to be found in our fair city. Her blogs cover all aspects of these subjects with allowances for all tastes and loves. We’re a big fan of her posts breaking down the latest design trends for all those hungry for a little inspiration like us and, as we know, many of yourselves too. Her Instagram flows through each of these subjects independently of each other in a way that says “Hey, I’m loving this, have a look for yourself.”

Hattie West

Hattie West has an incredible track record to her name with her Conde Nast work that kept her in the know with The Tatler, Vogue, GQ, House & Garden and Traveller. You can see, throughout her feed that she’s still holds appreciation for the topics she covered on her travellers for these powerhouses in the publishing world. If you’re up for a little London adventure, then this is the account for you with her website having a few inspiration tips to back it up.

The Stylist and the Wardrobe

This full-time mum and blogger has for a warm and approachable touch when it comes to her work. Very happy to show off her beautiful home constantly, she seems to effortlessly introduce us to new ideas that we can adopt for our own home. Much like her covert reshaping of her closet behind her husband’s back which looks amazing as a wonderfully bright space. Her website is also packed with useful tips to help spruce up your spaces without having to break the bank. A very approachable account to smoothly help you with any interior design needs you may have.

Interior design by Mascot Bespoke Homes

Photo via Mascot Bespoke Homes

Hatch Interiors

These furniture suppliers and interior design experts have a lot to shout about with their work showing off a breadth of design trends that they take to heart when working with their clients. We loved their feed for their play with trends and tastes that are the result of a foundation of in depth research into colour schemes, materials, lighting and a happy desire to please their clients. This avid insight into their design process along with a rightful boast of how and where their great work has appeared throughout London, takes you along with them on their projects. Spanning all kinds of spaces from an industrial/traditional loft apartment in the West End to a sleek and modern apartment in Canary Wharf.

And there you have our list of the brightest and best there is in the Instagram world of interior design right now, add them all to your list and enjoy them for yourselves. Do you like the list? Are there any we may have missed out? Please let us know what you think and share this around with your friends. We’ll be back at the end of March for another set of must-follow Instagram accounts for you to relish in.

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