Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow in December

Photos by Michael Fiebrich Design, Higginson Grey Ltd and Flower Michelin Architects LLP

Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow in December

The year is almost over but there’s still time for just one final top ten inspirational Instagram accounts you simply have to be following. Our list runs through the biggest and the best in the world of Interior Design and Architecture, whether that’s in practice or an avid blogger with a cult-like following, we think everyone on this list should be on everyone’s list.

Angelika Rosam

Kicking off our list for December is a fashion and interior design writer and publisher for the world renowned magazine Falstaff. Angelika Rosam is an international traveller and knowledgeable powerhouse, with a wealth of variety in her feed whether that’s concerning fashion, interior design, art or the latest stop on her travels.  We love all of the interior design snaps in her feed for variance in style that they show off making her account one that’s is openly accessible to all tastes.

Claudia Interiors

Moving into Interior Design solely for the next entrant on our list, Claudia Interiors, a London based bespoke interior design service. Their feed offers a plethora of images to enhance a tired brain begging for an inspiration boost and delivers by illustrating how the posts that show mood boards and colour scheme choices are genuinely incorporated into their amazing work. It’s great to see that they, like us, visit all the incredible interior design exhibits dotted throughout London throughout the year such as anything that goes on at the Chelsea Design Centre. Despite their great work, the one post we really fell in love with recently is the post of Claudia’s very own decoration of her dining room back drop.

Powell Tuck Associates.

Next on our list is the squad from Powell Tuck Associates and their versatile approach to architectural practice. Never settling into one style as per the projects that their clients throw their way from the traditional renovations in the London area to the stunning whole building projects they complete throughout the UK. Our favourite being the stunning Devonshire house they constructed as an incredible mix match of traditional rural design with a modern interior design scheme they assembled themselves.

Photos by: Momo & Co Design, Powell Tuck Associates and Oro Bianco Interior Design Ltd

Photos by: Momo & Co Design, Powell Tuck Associates and Oro Bianco Interior Design Ltd

Higginson Grey

For this entry we’ve picked an account that is very familiar with the term ‘luxury’ as refurbishment contractors their work spans some of the most exclusive post codes in London. What we love about their feed is the celebration of their work, at every stage of their development per project whether that’s the completion of a scale model for a pool house project or all the way up to top magazines shouting their praises. Their on trend designs make them in high demand and we can see why. Favourite posts have to be the progression and completion of their Barnes project, a stunning example of industrial design.

Elizabeth Danon Interior Therapy

Why not go it alone. Elizabeth Danon is a self made interior stylist with an army of blogger followers to back up her ability. What we love about her approach to interior design is the approachable nature of it. Many people feel that interior designers can be rather enforcing with their own style before the wants and needs of their clients but Elizabeth doesn’t work on that idea. Instead she takes on the specific design choices that her clients make before she organises them into a presentable space for them with additions only made out of necessity. On top of her blog’s success, she has featured with star-studded company in major publications such as Vogue and The World of Interiors. Her feed is made up of orchestrated suggestions without a forceful output such as a colour scheme, a neat floral addition or great products that she endorses.

Oro Bianco Interior Design

Keeping with the theme of luxury we have our next entrant, the multi-talented people at Oro Bianco Interior Design London are at the forefront of incredible interior design architecture and furniture design with an amazing feed that runs through their many avenues of work and fun. Acting as a mood board in its own right, their feed follows the design process of their design projects from colour scheme work to furniture unveils and everything in between, including some of the most exclusive events in the interior design calendar. It’s clear that Luigi’s work has gathered the attention of the top names in design and is set to stay there. We absolutely love the posts showing off their Maritime Collection of beautiful furniture.

Michael Fiebrich Design

For the first time, as a part of our list, we’re heading abroad for this entry. Michael Fiebrich Design is the king of hospitality interior design and architecture with work spanning Australia and the Far East with their work appearing at some of the most luxurious hotels in that part of the world. And with every hotel, on the planet let alone the Far East, differs in style, clientele and purpose, making Michael Fiebrich Designs all the more spectacular. Their feed is rich in design schemes, executed and theoretical, across restaurants, bars, spas and some very fortunate residential properties. Our favourites have to be of Crown Mansions as part of the Crown Hotel in Perth. No doubt we’ll see some of their work appearing in England.

Flower Michelin Architects

We’re heading back to London now with our next account that has to be on your lists. Flower Michelin Architects are a London based practice whose feed illustrates that amount of work that goes into each and every one of their projects as you walk through the project with them making the infinitely complex process very approachable. We love their appreciation of other designs as well that seem to add to their inspiration process for their own projects. We love their timber clad extension in Hampshire, a stunning piece of architecture.

Photos by Claudia Interiors and Elizabeth Danon Interior Therapy

Photos by Claudia Interiors and Elizabeth Danon Interior Therapy

Claire Morgan Stylist

Claire Morgan, as an interior design and lifestyle stylist, is a force to be reckoned with over 16 years worth of experience in the industry as a freelance worker. Her designs are uncomplicated in their construction but utterly stunning in their finality. What we love about this account is how it shows off her amazing work/life balance as she dashes all over the world on adventures with her husband. And it’s this kind of variety that shows off a breadth of knowledge and experience because she truly takes all her inspiration from every aspect of the design world from interior design and architecture to art and photography.

Momo & Co Design

And last, but certainly not least, we’re taking a very local turn with our list of Interior Design Instagram accounts you should be following by stepping just outside of Wandsworth and into Southfields to join a family squad that carry out architectural design and renovations in the area. Headed up by the husband and wife duo, Nick and Alisha, they do exactly what their tag line says – They make happy homes. We love their feed because it shows off all of the hard work that they’ve put in over5 time and it’s amazing to track. All this and taking car of their two little girls is something to truly admire. Love their work on the three bedroom flat in Southfields, gorgeous colours and a great transformation.

And there you have it! Our top 10 Instagram accounts you have to keep an eye on this December. What do you think of the list? Should someone else be there? Be sure to let us know by leaving a comment in the section below. Think a friend needs to see what they’re missing? Share it with them by hitting our social buttons below.

That is it for the year with Christmas just around the corner and 2018 just in sight. We’ll be continuously posting for the rest of the year so don’t fear. Next week we’re going to outline our favourite Interior Design trends that should feature in every home this Christmas and after that we have a special message from Plantation Shutters just before the years end. Be sure to stay in touch. As always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today.

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