Top 10 Instagram accounts to Follow this March.

Interior Design and Architecture Project by Holland and Green Architecture

Top 10 Instagram accounts to Follow this March.

February has come and gone with some serious speed. So, to greet March in with hopefully warmer arms that February had for us is the return of this month’s top 10 inspirational Instagram accounts that you must be following for all your interior design needs.

Timothy James Interiors

First off on our list are the amazingly talented folks at Timothy James Interiors whose wonderfully original works have been springing up all over some of the most exclusive addresses throughout London over the past few years. Their vibrant work does nothing if not paint sceneries for us to marvel in throughout their feed with harks to a variety of design styles with extraordinary colour pallets. This mix of on-trend pieces and colourful settings keeps all visitors to their pages enthralled by their work. I’m sure it’s going to be a very exciting year for them.

Amberth Interiors

Amberth Interiors are next on our list with their expansive work throughout London that has not only been showing up on our Instagram feed but all over Houzz for a few years too.  Specialising in residential projects with their bright designs with slight injections of a variety of styles from Scandinavian minimalism to cool industrialism. All this with a subtlety that keeps all happy. We love the variety of style that shows off in their feed as well as the narrative of inspiration that leads up to it.

Aldworth James and Bond

This specialist design and build company to the stars has been hot on the press for the past year with their work popping up at some of the most highbrow festivals that our fair city has had on show including Clerkenwell Design Week and London Design Festival. Not only this year but a fair few before too. Looking at their feed you can see their specialist work on show in both residential and commercial projects too, both with the same level of extraordinary talent for eye-popping design. This feed is certainly one for the designer in training to have on their list of follows for the sheer breadth of their work that allows for all needs that they are tasked with.

Interior Design Project by Daniel Hopwood Interiors

Photo via Daniel Hopwood Interior Design

Iggi Interiors

Next on our list is a very special firm that we had the pleasure in marvelling at close to the end of last year at the fantastic Holiday House charity event in Maida Vale. We too were at the event with our interior window shutters on show in Turner Pocock guest room offering and when we went along to see the final product of everyone’s hard work, we had no choice but to take a peek around both stunning houses. That was when we came across the brilliantly bright and colourful work. Their dining room offering was jaw-dropping in its stark boldness and we loved the artwork they managed to get a hold of. We love their feed for the expanse of luxurious pieces that makes up their stunning work as well as the posts showing of art and fashion that seems to only add to their thought process, making them quite unstoppable right now.

 John Evans Interior Design

Now we have an interior design and architecture firm whose blueprint accurate detailing really illustrates the process behind their work and how it adds up the fantastic final product that you see throughout their feed. Looking through their portfolio of work, you can see the broad variety of it, with a series of different kinds of spaces that have different varieties of needs that go with them. You can see that they’ve hit these targets head-on with their work showing up in residential, commercial, leisure spaces and with an arsenal of their own bespoke design fittings that they’ve installed on top. We love how, while highlighting their great work, they also celebrate London’s rare beauties. We follow John Evans’ insights in his blog posts and always love to see the forever adorable Paloma, their resident pug in command.

Daniel Hopwood

Next on our list, we’re highlighting the feed of an interior design guru whose name we first heard when he was presenting the Amara Interior Design Blog awards and with such illustrious connections as these, we knew he was a figurehead to pay attention too, and so should you. Something we loved about his feed was a show of appreciation for all forms of design stretching style and cultures. We’re always keen to follow him up on his latest projects as they span the entirety of London from some of the most exclusive postcodes like Hyde Park but also very close to our doorstep in Clapham with warming family homes and cool, crisp bachelor pads as well. If you’re looking for some inspiration that’s just plain cool, then he’s certainly one to get on your following list.

Artists Colours Ltd

Now we’re focusing on some friends of our own here. We’ve worked alongside Artists Colours throughout the last few years and can certainly vouch for their design prowess on the London scene. What we love about their feed is their illustration various pieces of art, photography, sculpture, fashion and of course interior design that they factor into their design process. We always look forward to seeing their latest work and we hope we’ll be working alongside each other once again very very soon.

Interior Design Project by Timothy James Interiors

Photo via Timothy James Interiors

Holland Green Architecture

Next on our list are the very talented lot at Holland Green Architecture & Interiors with a feed straight out of a mood board, making them a vital addition to the budding designers sources of inspiration. Showing off some the most spectacular examples of modern architecture and broad strokes of interior design ideas, their feed is definitely one to follow. We especially loved working alongside them in Fulham not so long ago and have loved keeping up with their projects ever since like the amazingly fun refurbishment job they did in Surrey.H

Mufti Designs

And now for some very sleek. Mufti Designs have been in the business of interior design for many years now and have also dug their heels in as a retailer too with their bang on trend products branching from chairs, stools, tables and desks to art pieces and lighting.  And as their products are so spectacular they, of course often feature in their Instagram feed too, effortlessly oozing luxury. With a direct focus on the detailing that goes into their work you can understand their reputation being what it is. Having looked through their works, we fell in love with their Tapestry Mill project, a perfect blend of bright spaces with cool darker blends coming in when it comes to the bathroom and bedrooms. Stunning work.

Anna Hewitson Design

And finally, on our list is another one of our neighbours at the wonderful Holiday House Breast Cancer Research charity event last year. We loved Anna Hewitson Designs very calming and effortlessly subtle offering of a serene guest bedroom that acted as a kind of summary of their general working style. The unassuming style that still manages to pack a memorable punch every single time. Their feed is so great for carrying their followers base through their work on every project from concept designs to the final result. We can’t wait for their new look website to go live, loving the logo.

And there you have it, our top ten inspirational interior design Instagram accounts for you to add to your following list immediately. Do you think we missed any off? Please let us know what you think and share this around with your friends. We’ll be back at the end of March for another set of must follow Instagram accounts for you to relish in.

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