Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow in November.

Architecture and Interior design by Design 69, Dunn Architects and Consibee

Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow in November.

After a very busy month of visits to biggest Interior Design events in London and looking to all the exciting things that Plantation Shutters has yet to see, we’re back for our top ten Instagram accounts to follow this month for all your inspirational needs.

We run through Instagram every month to find the brightest and best design accounts, whether that’s architecture, interior design, art or fashion. If we think it beautiful, we’ll have it here on this list.

Excell Building

First, on our list are the multitalented people at Excell Building. The London based company specialising in refurbishment and architectural design who work on entire houses from the loft to the basement. The luxury finishes on their work makes them a firm in high demand at the moment. We love their feed for the progress it shows with their projects. A personal favourite is their work on that kitchen in Fulham.


Next for our list is the structural engineering design practice whose work stands tall above many others. Consibee is based in London, Norwich and Cambridge yet their work spans continents, styles and purposes from infrastructure to day centres and hospital projects. With stunning, modern constructions that fit perfectly in city landscapes while not coming across as cold and uninviting as some do but vibrant and colourful. We especially love their work on the conversion of Spiller’s Mill, next to Cambridge station when they partnered up with Pollard Thomas Edwards.

Carlos Garcia Interiors

Now we have a Spaniard on our list, probably the first-ever. Though, with that, he does live in Norfolk. Carlos Garcia Interiors, headed up by the man himself, works out of both London and Norfolk with his traditional rural design approach with small influences of modern design pieces of furniture or colour schemes that are a part of the process. This makes his work very accessible and in demand from those in rural and city area.

Dunn Architects

Next, we have an architectural firm who are based quite literally around the corner from us, just off Battersea Park. Dunn Architects are an award-winning architecture firm with an international reputation for innovative and large scale designs for their structures whether residential or commercial. Their feed shows off their philosophy when it comes to approaching their work and the office life similar to a family complete with a dog, Tonto. We love seeing the effortless transition from a city to a rural setting when it comes to the variance of their work on a national or international scale such as their ‘Cabin in the woods’ project and the Multaqa Hotel in Dubai.

Design 69

Next on our list is a familiar name or one that should be as he won the highest honour at the annual AMARA interior blog awards this year and we covered his win in one of the previous blogs this month. Malcolm Begg, who is in charge of the fabulous Design 69, won the Blogger’s Choice award, is a self-confessed interior design addict whose work on his blog, as well as his Instagram covers his progress in his own home as well as the many many insights he has into other existing projects and the constantly changing trends of the design world. We love his account because of his attention to detail that backs up the chosen schemes of the various rooms he works in. This usually comes in the form of a picture of a plant but it always helps tie the room up in a neat bow that would feel vacant with these inclusions. Personal loves of ours are the living rooms pictures that pop up across the account constantly. Certainly, one to watch.

Chambers Furniture

Now, we have Chambers Furniture, British designers of bespoke kitchens, bedrooms and home offices who we fell in love with for their variety of approaches to projects that wholly cater to their client's needs. Personal love is the home office made from calming Burr Oak with white tops which provided their client with the perfect working environment.

Chartwell Group

The talented people at Chartwell Group, who are at the forefront of the luxury property construction market wit their high-end designs that are, in turn, influenced by all things high end, from art and design to fashion, as can be seen in their feed. And they are then able to take that influence and divert it into both commercial and residential projects. The most notable of their projects has to be the world-famous One Hyde Park. An account that has to be followed for all forms of luxury design influence.


And next, we have the talented Zulufish. The West London based design and build firm show off their projects and the projects that influence their work. We love seeing their variety in colour scheme work from their work and others, in a series of different spaces, from bars and restaurants to homes and offices. The attention to the requirements of their clients is admirable too, with our favourite project of theirs being their work on a kitchen in Wavendon Avenue. A great account to follow if you’re struggling for ideas for the home.

Architecture and Interior design by Zulufish, Chamber Furniture and Flow Property Services

Photos of Architecture and Interior design by Zulufish, Chamber Furniture and Flow Property Services.


Flow Property Services

Second, from the last entry for this month’s list is the talented team at Flow Property Services who specialise in refurbishment and renovations throughout the London area. Their feed has a huge variance in content from influences to their own projects in residential and commercial spaces, with some surprising designs that really show the possibilities of what can be done with any space. One of our favourite projects of theirs is the small restaurant and bar – Capricho, a modern space with a great atmosphere in East London.

Rachel Laxers Interiors

The final entry for this month’s list is no small name in the world of interior design. Rachel Laxers Interiors has gained global recognition for her work with offices on both sides of the Atlantic in New York and London. Her feed is great for interior design influence with a variety of schemes and pieces to adapt for your own projects but great fun to see as well with little additions that show off the lifestyle of accomplished interior design. And, speaking of accomplishments, Rachel Laxers Interiors are just one of the many interior design firms that have contributed to this year’s Holiday House charity open house in the name of Breast Cancer Research. The firm has designed a dining room that looks stunning and we can’t wait to go along and see it in person.

And there you have it, our list of ten of the best accounts to follow this November for all your interior design inspiration. What do you think of our list? Let us know with a comment in the section below, share the post with a fellow interior design lover and check in with us next month for our top ten interior design accounts to follow in December.

We too have contributed to the Holiday House this year for Turner Pocock so you can find our shutter in and amongst the stunning final projects of what has been long and worthwhile progress that is going to do a lot for a great cause.

And as always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today.

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