Top Ten Instagram Accounts To Follow This May

Photos by British Style UK, A.London and Andrew Martin

Top Ten Instagram Accounts To Follow This May

Feeling the need for an extra boost of inspiration? Maybe all the oddly summery weather has propelled you into a need to the rethink the design of your kitchen, but find yourself stumped for what charismatic colour schemes to surprise your guests. Or you’re just feeling a desire for some statement furniture to snuggle into at the end of the day? Well our Top Ten interior design Instagram accounts that we’ve picked out this month hold all the inspiration you’ll ever need.


Kicking off our list are the award-winning luxury interior design company A. London whose account is bursting with the freshest design ideas from loud and proud colours to the most spectacular furnishings to tickle the fancy of anyone looking to shake up their home. We love their account for their appreciation of all things design from art to ceramics. Amazing account for people looking to test out new ideas.

British Style UK

Natalia Alexandrou Peel is keeping the list moving with her mummy to the stars blog that does all it can to tell you that family life is no excuse for not keeping your home from looking as stunning as you like. Her feed highlighting her family life and how they sit at the pinnacle of her posts. Looking at how happy she is with the monochrome tribal rug that she wrote about last month, you can really see how she focusses her writing around how it fits in with her family life. More than anything, her account makes great design accessible and we love it.

Luxe Interiors

Heading for the high-end side of interior design now with the royalty inclined folks at Luxe Interiors. This award-winning interior architecture and design firms have paved the way for themselves a detailed orientated luxury interior design company that has always maintained their wow factor. Their Instagram feed does very well to highlight their in-depth design process that results in their staple sleek finish.

Photo by Andrew Martin

Photo by Andrew Martin


BM Design

Our next entry has really taken their world domination play to the next level. BM Interior Design have digs in London and set up in Doha, Saudi Arabia, New York as well as London. Their exclusive, highbrow luxury style can be seen in some of the most exclusive postcodes throughout London. We love flicking through their feed because it highlights their spectacular work as well as the lifestyle that comes with this industry when you get to that height. It’s a fantastic account for looking at the intricate process of interior design and all the consideration that must be made. With that in mind, the feed does incredibly well to highlight exactly what is out there making it a must follow.

Castle & Gregory

We’re looking into furniture design now and Castle & Gregory are at the forefront of our thoughts on this one. With their vintage inspired stamp on every piece they managed to find a compromise on rustic luxury that works in every home. Looking to the room sets that show up in their feed, you can see that the furniture is designed in mind of a mix between industrial chic with rugged minimalism that comes together in a Wabi Sabi style that looks stunning. Well worth a follow for something a little different.

Small Fry + Chips

Next up is the very welcoming boutique interior design firm Small Fry +Chips with their statement colour, minimal design style that gets better and better as you scroll through their work. With block colours making appearances in each of their modern chic projects, you can see why their work is popular. We’re huge fans of that industrial chic kitchen with the powerful dark blue colouring.

Photo by Small Fry + Chips

Photo by Small Fry + Chips

Conley & Co

This design and management firm are superstars of London’s residential renovation projects with their commitment from start to finish. Their attention to detail, in regard to the design side of the game, is second to none with the cross section of design styles that you can see throughout their feed that highlights their constant efforts to cater to their client’s needs. It’s fantastic example of an account that lets you move between different styles for inspiration from colours, furnishings and special design.

Stiff + Trevillion

Next on our set of key inspirational Instagram accounts are the incredibly talented people at Stiff + Trevillion, an architecture practice based in West London whose feed reads like a hall of fame for international architecture. While they (quite rightfully) praise their own works, their attention to other firm’s works around the world give off an understanding that they look to others for inspiration just like everyone else. It’s not just architecture that they look to but art and material design too as all of it cultivates itself into their own designs that are awe inspiring. Absolutely in love with their project: The River Building which can be found right under Cannon Street Station in the heart of the city.

Andrew Martin

For over thirty years Andrew Martin has been championing art and design mastery on a global basis and has been a constant source of inspiration for many over the years. Accommodating for every conceivable style of art and design, you can very easily get lost in their feed for sheer gawk value. If you’re look for statement pieces of art of subtle home styling, then this is the feed for you and if you have a chance to use their design services then you’re in for an absolute treat. An absolute must follow.

Photo by A.London

Photo by A.London

Michaelis Boyd Associates

Last but certainly not least on our list of inspirational accounts that you must have on your following list this month is the architecture and interior design firm Michaelis Boyd Associates whose style reflects their appreciation for multiple cultures and disciplines of design which gives each and every one of their projects a sense of individuality that’s second to none. They are also one of the many designers with the privilege to work on the one and only Battersea Power Station which we can’t wait to see once the project is complete. The industrial chic style that they’ve taken on for it couldn’t be more perfect. One of our favourite projects of theirs that can be found throughout their feed is their award-winning project, the Sandibe Safari Lodge in Botswana that has gained international recognition.

 And there you have it, our set of inspiring Instagram accounts that are a must follow for all art and design lovers. Are going to take them all on/ Are there any you think we should have added? We’re constantly updating our Instagram account @plantationshutters with posts from the stunning homes we’ve had the joy of working in and stunning examples of interior design and architecture that we see every day through the accounts we list every month right her on our blog. Find them all throughout our blog page as well as many other great stories about the inspiring industrial that we’ve nestled ourselves into over the last 36 years.

We’ll see you next month for another list of awe inspiring interior design accounts that have to be added to your Instagram following list. As always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today. Have a scan through our many shutters designs available and test out our online calculator to start your journey with us.

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