U value in the Home

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U value in the Home

We’re welcoming the Winter months with open arms, the darker evenings, the darker mornings and the winter chill, but with the nostalgia of the season, comes an increase in household bills, the temptation to blast up the heating arrives to keep us warm and cosy over the season. Over the last year, it is estimated that energy prices have risen by 6 percent* and this unwanted cost will undoubtedly continue to rise. Finding ways to reduce or to minimise home heating and cooling costs is a topic on the minds of UK homeowners, how can we fight and prevent the rise of such unwanted costs?

We all want to maximise energy efficiency in our homes, for both the benefit of costs of savings and of course the environment. Did you know that the majority of heat loss in the home is from your windows? Up to 18% of your home’s heat can be lost through your windows, and if you have single glazing this can be considerably more.

Shutters are an excellent and cost-effective way to lower those unnecessary and unwanted bills and reduce heat loss through windows.

Window shutters save on heating and cooling costs in two ways. Firstly, both the shutters themselves, and the space formed between them and the window add and create insulating layers, which keep the cold out during the winter and the heat out during the Summer months. When the shutters are completely closed, they create a vacuum between themselves and the window glass. Essentially creating a draft excluder. Perfect for a toasty home when the temperature drops outside.

Some Technical Information…

U-value is a measurement of how effective a material is as an insulator in your home. The lower the U-value, the better the insulator and more energy efficient it is. The U-value is given as a sum of the thermal resistance of the layers that form a building element. A building element’s U-value is extremely important as there are certain standards that must be reached in accordance with Building Regulations and standards.

Image Source: aluro.com

Research carried out by Glasgow Caledonian University, has shown that interior blinds made from energy-saving materials are as effective at energy saving, as heavy lined curtains, but without all the disadvantages. Furthermore, a recent piece of research conducted by English Heritage* highlights that from the addition and installation of well-fitted shutters to a window and frame, heat loss is reduced by 58% and drops the U-value of the window from 4.3 to 1.7.

So, the technical stuff suggests shutters do of course lower the U-Value, and assist in keeping your home toasty, of course how much depends on the material of shutter used and the standard of the glazing the that they are covering.

Make the Right Change…

The seasons these days seem all a bit of a muddle, they are no longer clearly defined, so the introduction of energy efficiency in our homes is essential moving forward. Making the move to energy saving window coverings is necessary to save energy costs in the home and prevent those unwanted bills arising. Don’t relinquish style and character in your windows with window treatments, by introducing shutters into your home, you can add and build to the style. Take a leap and move away from old fashioned curtain coverings and bring a stylish and energy-saving solution.

Prepare your home for a Winter Chill and keep Jack Frost out. Make the move to lower U-values in your home, increasing an energy-efficient environment. Have a browse through our many shutter styles and galleries. Our New Years sale runs until 31st January, keep an eye out for our amazing reductions across our product range. Contact one of our friendly team today, call us on 020 8871 9222 or send us an email.

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