Utilising the space in the entrance to your home

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Utilising the space in the entrance to your home

The entrance area of your home is the first thing guests see when they walk in, yet you may find that the space has been neglected over time or that it has become a dumping spot for coats and shoes on the way into the house.

With autumn fast approaching and convenient storage of coats and wet or muddy shoes soon to be a necessity, now is the perfect time to think about transforming the space around your door. Entrance areas will vary in size as with any area of the home however here are some tips for transforming a home entrance of any size from a forgotten walkthrough to a wonderful introduction to interior bliss. Making additions to entrance points will always be a compromise between design and practical usage, but as long as you prioritise what is most important for you in that space then you are bound to achieve something perfectly beautiful.

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The first, and key piece of advice in transforming your entrance space is to be intelligent with storage solutions. This will enable you to keep clutter tidy and possibility even add a touch of luxury through furnishing additions. Many entrance and hallway furniture pieces are multifunctional and sized specifically for these smaller spaces so whether you’re looking for a bench which doubles up as a storage bin, a shoe rack with hooks to hang jackets, or a funky coat stand with umbrella holders at the bottom, you’re bound to find something that suits you in your search in stores or online.

Injecting colour into any space is always a fun way to play with the interior possibilities of an area and a great way to reflect your own design character so something worth considering for your entrance and hallway. You can represent colour through wallpaper, tiling, or bold furniture choices but just be careful not to overdo it, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself and others when walking in the front door! Alternatively, rather than leaving walls bare where patterns and colour are minimal, you can make the most of this unused space with the addition of pictures, clocks or other wall features as long as you are careful not to over-crowd the space.  

Plants are a positive addition to any space in the home as they look great whilst breathing life into any room or area. Adding plants to your entrance way is a fantastic choice to add character the moment you walk through the door, however if you opt for these additions then make careful consideration of which plants to buy in terms of maintenance and their required living environment. If you have a particularly dark entrance way for example, then avoid plants that require an abundance of natural light to thrive but instead something low maintenance. Succulents in interesting pots are a great way to brighten up your space and require little care, or if you prefer the colour and lower commitment you can invest in a unique vase to fill with cut flowers instead, these can be changed regularly as something variable in the space.

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Adding a mirror to your entrance is an intelligent solution to making the space seem bigger as well as a handy addition for one last vanity check on your way out of the house! You can get creative with mirror shapes and frames to truly put your stamp on the design implication but just be wary of chosen location to avoid damage. Feature lighting could be added through a lamp which can give a lovely ambience on evenings opting for this over larger over-head lights but can also make a lovely design addition too.

When redesigning or giving some love to your entrance space you do not necessarily need to add items purely for design purposes but can also utilise the space for some organisation of busy family homes. Pin boards, white boards or even chalk walls can be used for planning, drawing or organisation of this entrance space, perfect for any home but especially busy family spaces with children. Whilst these additions are not necessarily the most attractive additions for design their practical benefits are worth it. You can clean these boards down or even choose a double-sided board which features practical life admin on one side and a more basic, or aesthetically pleasing alternative on the other side to be flipped over when visitors are due.

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Google Reviews - Plantation Shutters Ltd
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