Is Vegan Decor on the Rise?

Vegan Decor by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Is Vegan Decor on the Rise?

Although becoming increasingly popular over the past 7 years, people have been choosing to eliminate animal products from their diet for over 2000 years. The Economist has declared 2019 ‘The Year of the Vegan’ as more and more people are turning towards a plant-based diet which begs the question, Is Vegan Décor on the rise also?

We believe yes. With a lot more people becoming aware of our environment and wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, they are changing their whole lifestyle to be more plant-based from food to home and décor items. A lot of companies, designers and even celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix, who have been vocal about their choice to be vegan and their thoughts on animal cruelty and how it can be stopped, are making the shift toward vegan friendly products to not only stay on-trend and ahead of the market but also because it matches their own ethos and morals. When more alternatives to leather and wool become available, we believe more and more companies will jump on board and vegan products will become more mainstream.

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Instagram has also played a large part in influencing its users to become more aware of veganism and its benefits. Seeing as a high percentage of vegans are millennials means that the vegan community are very active on social media, especially Instagram, posting over 85 million posts of #earth bowls”, “greens” and “dairy-free deserts” containing #vegan in the description. Its no wonder since the launch of Instagram, being a vegan has turned from being a mockery to widely accepted and some could say a fashion statement.

One of the challenges in the design industry is the lack of knowledge about what consumers think and what exactly is classed as a vegan design. You don’t realise how many products are either tested on animals or contain animal products until you start looking into it and reading every label. Becoming 100% vegan isn’t as easy as one might think. A complete shift won’t happen overnight, but if it is something you are considering you’ve got to start somewhere. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a “true vegan home, contains no animal products or materials tested on animals, including wool…and silk.” This means no leather sofa, no woolly blankets, and no silk bed sheets paired with a down duvet.

Photo Source: Votch

So, if not wool and leather, then what? UK companies such as H&M Home, Ocado and The Fine Bedding Company are amongst a few selections of winners of the PETA Vegan Homeware Awards in 2019. These companies sell homeware products made from cotton and recycled materials such as fibre, fleece and even plastic bottles. Alternatives to leather can be made from palm trees, synthetics and cork. Votch even sell watches made from pineapple leaves and other materials like a leather alternative. There are a lot of alternatives out there, it is just a matter of doing your research and knowing where to look.

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