What Are Sash, Bay And Casement Windows?

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What Are Sash, Bay And Casement Windows?

Something that isn’t commonly known is the specific names of windows and their features. Yes, all windows let in various amounts of light and ventilation depending on their size but the way they provide these can vary in many ways. Depending on the shape and size, windows can alter the look of a building as well. Three of the most common windows we cover are Sash, Bay and Casement windows, but what is the difference?

Sash Windows

Typically, a basic designed window, sash windows operate with a sash cord. They are set into a window frame along a track that is specifically designed for the particular window. The oldest surviving sash windows were installed in England in the 1670s and nowadays are often found in Georgian and Victorian houses. Sash windows are great if you don’t have the space to swing open a window as usually the bottom pane or both panes slide up and down to open and close. If you have sash windows in your home or office, it is important to ensure they are always in perfect working condition to avoid droughts and leaks.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a very convenient type of window as they are usually attached to the frame with hinges allowing you to open them up like a door. There are different types of casement windows depending on the way they open but the most common ones are with a side hinge. These types of windows are often well insulated as they are sealed to the frame not allowing any gust of air to come through. Because these windows can be widely opened, they allow for a significant amount of air to flow into the room. Casement windows are a modern look for any home and are a great choice when upgrading from your old windows.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are the grandest style of window and mostly found to be in Victorian homes after the window tax was lifted in the late 1800s. Bay windows often comprise of three windowpanes at a 25 or 45-degree angle. Because of their shape, they offer a magnificent amount of light into the room as well as some extra space and used in various unique ways. They can also make some rooms appear larger while enhancing the view of the outside. Most bay windows have fixed windows on the side and casement or sash windows in the middle pane. One of the main attractions to bay windows is the fact that they can be customised from the material of the frame to the size of glass and number of panes.
Bay Windows

The Perfect Window Covering

No matter what type of window you have, remember to dress it with style. Being a shutter company, of course, we are going to recommend shutters. They are not only suitable all year round, but they also suit almost any window, especially the three stated above. Our plantation shutters are made to measure, so regardless of the size and shape we can most likely cover them. Our shutters not only are made to a high quality they also are built to last. They are a great way to get privacy as well as allowing light to stream into the room keeping it bright. For more benefits of shutters read about it here on our blog. Alternatively, you can visit our shutter gallery for inspiration. For all your London Shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.



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