Wooden Shutters – What they offer you

Wooden Shutters – What they offer you

Shutters offer a huge range of benefits for homes including privacy, light, and noise controls as well as insulating abilities. 

Wooden shutters have been a popular window dressing for many years and favoured within London homes even before their boost in poularity across the country. This smart and luxurious solution offers the perfect combination of grandeur and privacy to windows which gives homeowners all of the great benefits offered by shutters whilst still having a great looking covering for their windows. 

Smart looking solution for your windows 

Shutters have always been considered a sign of luxury in a property and they provide a complete look for every room that they are installed. Despite many years in circulation, this reputation hasn’t depleted over time because the appeal and fabulous benefits haven’t.

Plantation shutters pair beautifully with any choice of interiors and look fantastic from both the inside and outside of a property. Privacy in the home is achieved through the use of panels and slats, tilting or opening each part of the shutter until the desired effect is achieved so light through the room does not have to be sacraficed to obstruct the view from surrounding properties or streetsides.

Many homeowners tend to opt for neutral tones for their shutters which allows for a great longevity of the shutter’s suitability for the room. These neutral palets mean that when it comes to the room décor, your shutters do not need to be the basis for any changes going forward as almost any room decorations will fantastically suit these long-lasting fixtures. Whilst these tones are the most popular, we do still see plenty of bright and bold colour choices for shutters which are always a fun variation. 

Long lasting and timeless

All of our shutters are manufactured in the highest quality wood and we have always been exceptionally proud to offer a product that never cuts corners in the manufacturing process. Top quality wooden shutters such as ours boast features including mortise and tenon joins in the shutter framing rather than the cheaper and quicker manufacturing methods such as finger joints in the areas where the wood meets.

All wooden shutters come with a 5 year warranty as a standard so you know that your shutters will be a fantastic addition for you and your home for many years, even beyond this period. 

Light and temperature control preparing your home for all weather conditions

As with privacy variations, light control in rooms can be adjusted using tilt options. Shutters have also been linked to temperature control within rooms as they can either be placed in front of open windows to allow a regulated draft or as an additional layer in front of the window in colder months to maintain heat within the room.

In a recent article, BBC News outlined the risks posed by climate change and the increasing need for the UK to adapt buildings and homes in preparation for changes that we will experience in our own climate. One of these suggested preparations to be made for quicker and potentially more extreme varities of temperature and weather is to install shutters to windows thanks to their brilliant properties of regulating room temperatures. As detailed in the article, "shutters can help shade the interiors of homes during periods of intense heat". Click on the link to read the full article

For colder periods, having shutters in front of the windows is great for adding an extra insulation layer to keep the room warm. In warmer spells, having the shutter slats open but panels closed in front of an open window will create a breeze through rooms whilst maintaining privacy levels throughout the day.

Customised for your windows and home

All shutters are custom made specifically for the individual window, home and client so they will always be a perfect fit for your rooms both in size and aesthetic. With so many options to choose from, your finished shutters will be an embodiement of your design preferences and the best possible fit for your home.  

We know that having so many options to choose from in your shutter design can feel like a difficult amount to manouvre as, understandably, you want your finished shutters to be pefect. This is exactly why our experts are there to guide you through each of the potential options explaining any differences and why certain choices may be ideal for your window. We will also show you samples and help make your dream shutters a reality.


If you are looking to install some stunning new shutters into your home then our team are on hand to help. You can call our office on 020 8871 9222, generate a material only cost using our Online Quote Calculator or submit a Contact Us form with your information for the team to give you a call. 


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