Shutters & Christmas Decorations

Shutters & Christmas Decorations

It is virtually impossible to ignore that Christmas is upon us again as we are constantly reminded about it everywhere we go - banks, shops, post offices, etc. Here at Plantation Shutters, we have decided it is time for us to join in as well so we'll start it by giving you some decorating tips.

Bear in mind these are not the usual Christmas decorations but they certainly don't lack in creativity. Let's assume you have a new set of plantation shutters installed and are now wondering what to do with the old ones. Well, fear no more, you can make some beautiful and bespoke Christmas decorations with them.

Shutter Decorations for Christmas

Shutter Decorations for Christmas

(Images taken from our Pinterest board - "From the series be creative with your shutters...")

Did you like any of the ideas above? Let us know if you have anything else in mind and we will add it here.


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Inspiration shutters decoration ideas you have shared here. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to read home decor blog post.

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