A buyer's guide to interior window shutters

Our Manufacturer

There are few factors you need to take into consideration when looking to buy plantation shutters. With that in mind, we have written this quick guide to help you make a more informed decision.

Choosing the right product

We have to start by saying that there isn’t such a thing as a right shutter style or material because there is a variety of factors that can influence this decision, such as the window shape and size. Some shutter styles will work better for certain types of window. The most common styles are Full Height Shutters, Cafe Style Shutters and Tier on Tier Shutters because they are very flexible, versatile and can be used on most window types.

Our range of shutter materials is the widest in the UK and is designed to suit all budgets starting from our entry-level Craftwood MDF to our premium Pearlwood. They offer a wide variety of colour finishes and stains as well as many extra options such as the room darkening one if you are looking for a blackout effect.

The right product will depend on your window shape and size as well as on what you are looking to get. The best thing to do would be to book an appointment so one of our experience surveyors could come to your house and advise on the most suitable options for your windows.

Choosing the right company

We were the first company in the UK to sell shutters and since then, the market has grown a disproportionate amount. With all expanding markets, there are good companies and bad ones and likewise the quality of products varies too.

Our manufacturer in southern China is the market leader as far as manufacturing is concerned. They stand apart from other manufacturers, who continually mimic their products with varying degrees of success. Some of their competitors start manufacturing and within a year disappear without a trace, whilst others struggle on.

The main difference between our manufacturer and many of the smaller companies is that the smaller ones just don't have the quality control or infrastructure to produce a first rate product time and time again. Our manufacturer regularly tests their components for the ability to withstand both UV and moisture.

The factory also has a labyrinth of extractor pipes making it a safe place for their employees to work. These subtle differences between their manufacturing techniques and those of other factories, make their product, we believe, the best in the world.

Once you have located a shutter company that can provide these, it is essential to ensure that they have plenty of experience of working with interior window shutters, both on the measuring and installation sides. At Plantation Shutters Ltd, we pride ourselves with having the most experienced team in the UK for measuring shutters.

Our service

We pride ourselves on giving extensive technical advice and full knowledge of our product, from the first conversation you have with us. The office team is highly trained in answering any questions or queries and are the leading shutter company with a friendly approach! Whether you are looking to organise a site survey in the London area, or need guidance with measuring, the phone is your surest link to the leading shutter company in the UK, wherever you are based.

Followed up with our surveying team; with the head surveyor having over 20 years’ experience and a senior site surveyor having over 6 years with Plantation, their knowledge is second to none when it comes to surveying in London properties. The same applies for the fitting team, our head fitter has been with us for more than 19 years and our senior fitter for over 9 years. We endeavour to have every stage of the experience performed to the highest standard.

All the shutters are made to measure and therefore it is important that the initial measuring stage is correct in terms of which product will benefit your windows best and that the measurements will allow for your shutters to be perfectly installed when we return to your property.

For further information, contact us on 020 8871 9222 or email us your enquiries.


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Shutter are amazing.

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The service was excellent throughout the quote and installation process.

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I highly recommend Plantation Shutters.