In this lovely surrey property, the defining character of these beautiful arched windows has not been lost by choosing café style shutters to dress the window area. These perfectly combine with the sleek interiors and add the finishing touch to the room.

The décor of this property has a simplistic elegance where luxury items are enhanced by keeping rooms throughout the room uncluttered.

White shutters and walls contrast wonderfully with the black window frames of these arches. Bychoosing café style shutters, the windows are well dressed without complete coverage which would hide the effect of the framing in the room.

Shutters have a wide range of benefits but the defining advantage of this café style is the natural light that is able to shine through the top of windows, keeping the area bright yet private. Light levels are further controlled through the use of the slats within the shutter panels – open slats allow additional light to shine through into the room or a darker effect is achieved by moving slats to their closed position. As the 76mm slat is one of the larger sizes available, they make a great choice for areas where light levels are valuable such as here as even more light is able to shine through open slats.  

These shutters are made from hardwood which is our entry level wood material. Hardwood offers the perfect combination between the “luxury factor” offered by wooden shutters with an MDF fixing frame which allows this luxury product to remain budget friendly.


A Pure White painted finish has been selected to create a bright and popping white on the windows, this choice is unsurprisingly one of our most popular because of the multiple pairing possibilities. White hinges match the shade to create a cohesive overall look and give the shutters the effect of being part of the overall window area as a standard… exactly what customised, made to measure products are great at.

These slats are controlled with an internal cog mechanism or ‘without a tilt rod’ as it is best known. Slat sections are opened, closed, and angled by simply pushing or manoeuvring a single slat in the panel as opposed to using a rod attached to the front of the shutter. Without a tilt rod is most commonly used in contemporary shutter desings. 

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