Crossing the Sea for Shutter Installation

Shutters from an external view by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Crossing the Sea for Shutter Installation

Some of the Plantation Shutters team recently had a great day across the sea to fit some shutters in the Isle of Wight. In this beautifully converted barn, the client has utilised all of the benefits shutters have to offer by installing them throughout and choosing to feature some of our fantastic available extras such as room darkening blinds helping to make this house a home.

Bright and early in the morning, a team made up of 2 expert fitters and business owner Rob were on their way to their booked crossing to the Isle of Wight. Installation was arranged weeks prior with some extra logistics for our office team to work out and it felt exciting to be reaching out to across the sea to fit these quality shutters for the wonderful client and contractors on the job. After a hit of caffeine to help with the tired eyes and a scenic ferry commute, the team arrived on the Isle ready for the site opening and a long day of fitting.

Large jobs based a little further afield than our usual reach can result in a long day for our team, but their commitment to ensuring that enough time is allowed for the job to be finished to the perfect standard we and our customers expect is what makes our in-house experts the very best. The shutters in this property have been supplied for a mix of doorways and windows in various rooms including some slightly trickier technicalities like room darkening blinds built in to the frame to enhance light blockage.

Room darkening blinds are a fantastic solution for rooms with large windows or doors which allow in a lot of light and where darkening the room as much as possible is preferable – use of the blinds bedrooms is unsurprisingly particularly popular.

It’s always great for us to see the results of custom colours outside of our standard library such as this RAL 7032 Pebble Grey which combines a lovely grey tone with a creamy finish. Bisque fittings have been chosen to partner fantastically with the colour and make for a truly winning combination. Stunning!

All of the shutters in this property are in a full height style, some featuring divider rails to allow slat sections in the panel to move individually and others without any slat break. Many of our clients choose different types of shutter in various rooms to suit the desired use which really highlights the multi-functionality of shutters.  

Our luxury Pearlwood material is used to offer the very best that shutters have to offer and when installing on large windows where a light-weight material choice is required then this is always the option we would recommend. We call our 64mm slat size the ‘Classic’ size as it allows shutters to keep the traditional character that many would envisage when thinking about shutters. Pairing this with modern features such as without a tilt rod combines not only the fantastic usability of shutters but a design cohesive to any window and room style.  

The job required two of our experts for the installation and Rob tagged along so he could dip off and measure at the other side of the island in the afternoon – a nostalgic mission as for many years Rob has found himself more office bound. Our logistics team were thrilled when another wonderful client on the Isle of Wight got in touch the week prior to the installation asking if we could pop out and measure – we were of course happy to oblige having being due on the Isle already. What an honour to have the original and most experienced measurer at Plantation Shutters making the trip for you, and the saying two birds one stone certainly comes to mind!

We have worked with contractors JR Buckett and Sons numerous times and have always enjoyed the pleasure of working alongside these talented workmen, so it was once again great to assist with one of their projects. This renovation has been a long-term project in transforming a beautiful barn into a stunning family home for the clients to move into.

Being fantastically efficient in their work, after perfectly installing an impressive 3 sets of doors and 5 windows, our team managed to finish up a little early so caught some early evening rays before their ferry and drive home for a well-deserved night’s sleep... It’s a tiring endeavour providing the best shutters available in the UK you know!

With the finish of this gorgeous abode close enough to touch, we wish this lovely family all the very best in their stunning new home, we are certainly very jealous!

We are committed to our customers and providing the very best shutters for them so will always strive to reach out as far as possible to ensure they receive the very best product and service available. If you are a little far from our reach here in Battersea London or our South-West and South-East franchises, we can walk you through a supply only order or refer you to a supplier of the same brilliant product.

Job specs:

  • Material(s): 
    Pearlwood Shutters
  • Style(s): 
    Full Height
  • Room(s): 
    Living room
  • Range(s): 
    Classic (64mm)
  • Tilt rod style(s): 
    Contemporary (hidden)
  • Finish(es): 
    Custom colours

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Google Reviews

Nicola, a customer in Esher via Google

Great customer service from start to finish.

Ian, a customer in London via Google

Great quality shutters. Surveyor very knowledgeable and fitters did a great job. All round customer service excellent.

Amy, a customer in London via Google

Great quality shutters & fitted to perfection. Slight delay because of COVID-19, but communication and service was great throughout.