We work in all sorts of homes, offices and restaurants on all shapes of windows and every once in a while we are called for a job that stands out the way in front of any job we have done before and this fitting we installed in Greenwich is just one those stunning rarities.

In the beautiful Kidbrooke area of east London near the serene Greenwich Park, University, the Royal Observatory and a short train ride from the iconic O2 is a gorgeous, huge home tucked away from the busy main road. A client was searching for a window dressing option for a bedroom, bathroom, a spacious sitting room and a stylish kitchen. So one of our highly experienced surveyors met with the client so that they could discuss the best options available to them.

With the windows in question actually being doors into a spacious back garden for both the kitchen and the sitting room, they are obviously quite large and so they let in a huge amount of natural light. The client mentioned that they wanted access to natural light constantly but as the windows themselves are so large, that natural light, at the time, could be overbearing. So with that, the surveyor suggested Café Style to the client with a hidden break for that extra flexibility.

Typically speaking, Café Style is chosen for much smaller frames but with the clients need for the natural light, it works here as an option. The hidden break itself allows the clients to have a series of degrees of functionality with these shutters. With two thirds of the window frame being taken up by the panels, the top half is left open so the natural light constantly shines through, the middle section of the frame can be opened or shut independently of the bottom half of the frame which operate in the same way so that client still has a view of their gorgeous garden.

Another benefit of these shutters, being at the height of an average person, is that with both sections of the panels closed, this means that the client has optimal privacy should they want that.

With these panels being fitted to garden doors and not traditional windows they needed to operate like doors themselves so that the client could effortlessly open them to gain access to the garden to and from both the living room and the kitchen. All these choices simply adding to the client’s premium need for flexibility with their product and we had absolutely no problem with offering that to them.

Cafe Style Shutters with a Hidden Break in the Kitchen

The client was looking for a budget friendly option for the room and had no concerns with the weight of the panels so our expert surveyor suggested that they choose the MDF material of shutters as they are the most cost effective shutter material that we offer in our range and just as good as our other materials when it comes to durability as they don’t warp, crack, fade or chip over their very long life span. It is an affordable, first-class product manufactured with innovation and with a dense, durable and smooth finish. This range is covered in an extruded polypropylene coating, offering similar levels of quality as most other shutter materials.

Once those had been chosen the next choice to be made was the louvre size and as the frame of the panels is tall and wide, the Louvres had to be of a size as not to cramp the space within the frame and so not actually block the sunlight, even if the slats on either side of the hidden break are open.  So our client opted for the very fashionable In Vogue option of 76mm which is in between our main offers of slat size, making it the perfect compromise. And with the hidden break in the lower half of each of the panels, it really helped break up the appearance of the panels which many of our other clients with tall windows like to do.

With the physical aspects of the shutters picked out by the client, all that was left to choose was the colours for them to come in and with the room being made up white walls in the living room and the black of the cabinets in the kitchen, Silk White with White fittings were the perfect options to help the stunning new shutters blend in well with the room and we think they look amazing, especially offset with the black.   

What are your thoughts on these shutters? Let us know with a comment below or share it with your friends to get their point of view. And as always, if you want your own set of interior window shutters then please don’t hesitate to call our wonderful in-house sales team on 0208 871 9222 or email us at hello@plantation-shutters.co.uk to arrange a visit from our highly experienced surveyors so that you may end up with a set of fantastic interior window shutters like these.