There is nothing we love more than to be invited into a customer’s home to see how our shutters have transformed the space and how the client’s interior style have brought the shutters to life. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kate about her Victorian Terrace home in Earlsfield which she shares with husband Francis and their three daughters. Since moving in, the couple has transformed their home as they felt it was very old fashioned and tired before their renovation work.

Kate’s interior styling is sleek and contemporary with its straight lines and use of raw materials such as wood, leather and glass. The use of marble in the bathroom provides a luxurious feel whereas the earthy tones of the furnishings and layout of the space create a homely, cosy atmosphere.

Question 1: Describe your interior style?

I feel my interior style is very classic but with contemporary touches throughout. I aim to incorporate clean lines in the home whilst maintaining a very homely feel. My husband and I wanted to create a stylish London home that is also very practical; we want to have as much open space as possible for our growing family.

Our design inspiration comes from our work; I am a textiles designer and my husband is a surveyor. We see plenty of beautiful houses and we wanted to create something similar for our own family.

Question 2: What motivated you to choose shutters in your home?

We chose to have shutters because of the contemporary feel they gave our home; I love their straight lines. Shutters are also extremely practical; they’re easy to clean and very easy to use. The shutters also made our small home seem much bigger.

Question 3: Your home is beautiful, tell us what differentiates it from other properties in this area of London?

It can be extremely difficult to make a home different from others, but I believe that your own personal style should be at the forefront of your design choices. It’s important to maintain true to yourself and not copy what others are doing. I like to keep things simple and believe that sometimes less can be more. I like to think that a house should evolve; rather than buy everything new when you initially move in, it’s important to live in your house first and buy pieces that really add to it.

Question 4: What is the best thing about living where you do?

The best thing about living in Earlsfield is that the local area is extremely family-friendly. It’s wonderful to live in an area that is so great to raise our girls.

Question 5: What difference(s) have you noticed in your home since shutters have been installed?

Clean, modern and practical. Look good and are good for privacy. Easy to clean, very practical and easy to use. Since having shutters installed our home looks much cleaner and modern. The shutters look great and have improved our levels of privacy. Our home feels more practical now as well.

We’re always more than delighted to hear that a customer of ours is happy with our services and how our shutters have made a difference to them and their home. You can find many more loving testimonials, just like this one, over on our Customer Reviews page.

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