London Design Festival 2016

London Design Festival 2016

We are all about home improvement and beautiful things here at Plantation Shutters and if you share the same interests, you've probably heard about and hopefully got a change to visit some of this year's London Design Festival 2016 events.

The festival is held annually to celebrate and promote the capital as well as the international creative community. It enables us to be in touch with the latest innovations of the industry, inspiring design, superb craftsmanship and new technology. What is more, there is always a handful of seminars led by key members of the industry.

Every year we look forward to an event in particular, Decorex International. It is surely the ideal show for people like us who are passionate about home improvement. This year's event was held at London's Syon Park from 18th-21st September and highlighted more than 400 brands.

The Crafthouse was one the main attractions of this year’s festival and was located in four separated areas within Decorex. The event had the intention to reconsider and question how we interact and make use of the many crafts in our lives- eating, bathing, working, sleeping, etc. You could actually see some of the crafts being made by the makers who were showing their skills in each of their contextualised roomsets.

The Future Heritage 2016 celebrated the works of a selected group of makers across a range of craft skills from ceramics to electronics that were actually commissioned and used by many professionals from different industry sectors such as lighting, flooring, sound absorbent, fire resistant textiles. One of the event highlights was the interactive installations by Tangent, who combined a variety of skills including electronics, robotics and computer programming with design to create magical experiences.

Once again we say good bye to this year's Decorex wishing it was just a little bit longer. We know the importance of events like this as we work closely with our manufacturer to make sure we can keep on developing new solutions and improving the quality of our interior window shutters.

To find out more about our product and service, call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email us your enquiries.

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3 windows shuttered. Arrived on time, were polite and very tidy. The company were efficient on the email front. Guy who came to quote was friendly and thorough.

Richard, a customer from London via Which