Located down a private road in the beautiful leafy area of Kingston is this stunning home we were delighted to fit our shutters into. With over half an acre of land to explore, this 5-bedroom detached home has all you could want in a home, from a large kitchen and breakfast room to a games room and even a spa, sauna and indoor swimming pool. All the neighbourhood kids will want to come to this house this summer.

We worked with Bristol Properties on this home to make it even more gorgeous, which we didn’t know was possible. But with the addition of some new flooring and our top of the line shutters, this home is one of luxury and does not disappoint when it comes to style.


Full Height with Mid-Rail – PearlwoodModern (89mm)ContemporaryPure WhiteWhite Hinges

At the back of the home looking out to the Coombe Hill Golf Course is one of the three living rooms. With large French doors, our clients wanted a window covering that would block the light coming in when it was movie night but also was able to let the light shine in when wanted. They wanted the freedom of light control and having our shutters on the French doors was the best option when it came to making a decision. The homeowners also loved the elegant look of them to match the elegance of their home.  


Full HeightPearlwoodModern (89mm)ContemporaryPure WhiteWhite Hinges

Fit with wooden flooring, French doors looking out to the front courtyard and picture windows looking onto the indoor swimming pool is the family’s games room. This room is fitted with a bar, small family gym and of course a T.V and couches for the game’s nights. Much like the living room, the family wanted to be able to control the light coming into the room and not causing a light glare on the T.V when stretched out on the leather reclining couch playing games.

Although we have just highlighted two rooms of this stunning home, we did fit our shutters into 10 of the rooms. Our client’s shutters were one of the last fittings of our premium material, White Teak, which has now been replaced by Ultra. White Teak is the finest quality timber and is ideal for full height shutters which is what our clients chose in terms of shutter style. They and opted for 89mm slat size which is our Modern size and allows the maximum amount of light into the room through the slats. They then chose the Pure White paint colour with White hinges so that it would add to the bright clean feel of the home as well as match the wall colours making it completely melting into the window frame seamlessly. All the shutters bar the porthole in the master bedroom were without a tilt rod to match the contemporary modern look of the home.

Plantation Shutters are the perfect choice for saving on any extra space needed on the home as well as adding style to your home. They are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and perfectly adaptable for your family requirements. For all your plantation shutter queries, please contact one of our friendly team, email or call us 020 8871 9222.