Plantation Shutters visit to the Ideal Home Show

Plantation Shutters visit to the Ideal Home Show

Once again, the Ideal Home Show is back for another year offering what is best in the industry. From home technology and the latest in interior design to the most fashionable of gardens and the most tantalising in tastes on offer from the battalion of guest chefs, there is something on offer for all to see at the Kensington Olympia.

Plantation Shutters immersed themselves once again in all its splendour to catch up on all the fun, checking out the most innovative, ingenious and inspirational events that took place across the two weeks that the show is in town for. 

The halls at Kensington Olympia were packed to the brim with all kinds of new and wonderful products and the latest in exterior and interior design. And in ‘The Village’ at the centre of it all were the show homes that certainly deserved their stage. Towering above all were three houses, all different in appearance but each one was as revolutionary as the last.

Stood with it old fashioned thatched roof was the ‘21st century cottage’. The building was developed as part of an attempt to mould the old with the new. The Thatched cottage, as an exterior image is designed with the countryside dweller in mind but the interior design has been crafted to suit the city escapers. With traditional appearance quickly changing for the modern world, it lets a family have all the benefits of a comfortable and inviting home alongside the warmth of the countryside appearance. The cottage itself was styled by students for the Art and Design extended diploma at Chichester College. The students were asked to develop mood boards for the rooms in the cottage and a selection were chosen by a panel of judges and then the winners then went on to work alongside the Ideal Home Show to present the resulting design at the show.

Good Home Magazine Room Sets

And over on the other side of the cottage is the city dweller alternative with the sleek looking ‘Property Ladder Apartments’. These minimalist looking three floor apartments cater to the different circumstances of its inhabitants. The two bedroom, ground floor apartment has been designed for a new family with its space-saving and child friendly design alongside innovative additions that help install cots, high chairs and any other need for children. The one bedroom, second floor apartment is designed with the first time property buyer in mind and the same space as the ground floor apartment. The final apartment on the second floor of the structure is highlighted as a ‘down-sized home’ and maintains design integrity while offering a large terrace as can be seen in the picture below. These apartments were styled as part of a competition where, once again, students from Chichester College’s Level 3 Architecture and Interior students presented mood boards for each of the apartments and a selection was made by a panel of judges to be short-listed and the Ideal Home Show worked alongside the winning students to appear with the excellent final result.

And in between these two cottages is the highly anticipated ‘Rotating Home’. The creation of George Clarke’s and Will Hardie’s, which is by far the smallest of the three show rooms in ‘The Village’, but does draw the biggest crowds. The two men from the channel 4 show ‘Amazing Spaces’ have come up with a new way to look at ‘space’ in your home. The entire home, or prospect of a home, no one was very sure what to call it, is in a cylindrical form with a centred ‘hallway’ to stand in and direct your home. A set of buttons by the door cause the entire structure to spin and so change the room that you’re stepping into, it was quite stunning to look at. So you could enter the home and be in the kitchen but wish to be in the sitting room for some TV, just press a button and the room, revolves into a sitting room. While there are obvious footfalls like falling objects and potentially revolving the room while someone is in there, it can only be called a revolutionary step in the direction of architects and designers alike that will, no doubt, be a thing of the future.

Alongside these centre pieces are the stunning Good Homes Magazine room sets. Each roomset displays a cross section of design ideas to inspire you to make the most of your space at home. There were six rooms set up in total, all with different adopted themes. And they haven't been designed in an unaffordable way. From a bamboo stool stood by the bath to stunning strings of festoon lights for your garden area, there was something for everyone.

Our favourite room set was the bathroom with the simplistic black and white theme acting as an un-assuming plinth for the rest of the accessories and decoration dotted all over the room. We especially enjoyed the green foliage that really added to the natural, calming element that all bathrooms should influence on their inhabitants.   

Yet again the Ideal Home Show has been a huge success for its time in London with all there is to show in food, house and garden and we had a great time having a look at the latest and the best. Scotland is next for the show in May and it all finally comes to a close after four days in Manchester. Plantation Shutters had an amazing day and we hope those of you that were there did too, can’t wait for next year. 

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