Quality service striving through the snow!

You may have seen the recent news headlines… Met Office issuing a red weather warning as temperatures plunged and up to 50cm of snow fall appeared in some areas. Throughout the duration of last week, the UK saw and experienced a snowy blast – frequently dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’. Temperatures significantly dropped, causing chaos. Because of the wintery conditions, there were numerous travel disruptions, school closures and office closures, naturally affecting productivity and efficiency across the country.

Quality service striving through the snow by Plantation Shutters Ltd

How did Plantation deal in the adverse conditions?

You guessed it, we battled through the meteorological commotions to maintain our excellent level of uncontested customer service, quality, professionalism and care. Throughout the week, we ensured all our team of experts were equipped to continue our promised service to all clientele. As the principal UK plantation shutters supplier, we ensured that our 35 years of dedicated expertise and experience was not affected by the weather challenges, not one bit!

The weather conditions last week did their very best to cause disturbances and interruptions to our service, the ‘Beast from the East’ was almost triumphant in its efforts of destruction and ruin. It can be widely agreed that across the UK there was a sense of anxiety and fear caused by the snow disruptions! However, for us, the weather chaos wasn’t quite as triumphant as was initially feared. At Plantation Shutters, quality wasn’t disrupted, and our commitment to exceptional standards and service continued.

How did we perform:
- We attended every measure appointment in our diary
- Every installation was completed
- Deliveries arrived on time.
- Our supplier was up and running as usual

As a result, despite the snow continuing to fall, and hap hazard conditions arising throughout London, we delivered and fulfilled client expectations and requirements completely! Throughout the week our recently refurbished showroom remained open with business as usual and parking available, welcoming clients for drop in showroom visits and consultations.

How did your snow week go? Did you swop a day in the office for a day in the snow? We’d love to hear your snow stories! If you want to find out more about our service and how we can work with your requirements, please feel free to call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.

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Quality service striving through the snow by Plantation Shutters Ltd


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