Quality without results is pointless. Results without quality is boring.

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Quality without results is pointless. Results without quality is boring.

The question of quality constantly comes to mind when thinking about our shutters and our manufacturer. We’ve used the same manufacturer for over 15 years now, but we’ve often thought and considered taking the leap and making the change, mixing things up and landing ourselves a new manufacturer.

Our current and regularly used manufacturer, Nienmade, is the largest shutter producer in the world and is based over in China. We are fortunate enough to have an extremely strong working association with the factory, and generally, believe they deliver us excellent quality in excellent timing. There is, however, at times the feeling and notion: ‘the grass is greener’, could we be missing an all-important trick, are we yet to discover the best of the best?

So, 15 years down the line, we find ourselves in an inquisitive scenario whereby we are fascinated and somewhat curious in a product from another manufacturer, in the early stages of their UK expansion. Now, they caught us on a good day, a pleasant conversation was exchanged, and samples delivered to us. A package arrived as promised to our Battersea offices, perhaps to the everyday eye this package seemed suitable and reasonable, sadly we do not agree. The samples arrived damaged and seemed to suffer in transit – a bit of a bumpy ride – in advance of what we were about to encounter. Looking at the products themselves, we were greeted by a prehistoric hidden tilt rod design. The tilt rod was not hidden but just positioned at the back of the panel. We also observed, what could only be described as plastic caps, hiding the screws, holding the panel together, perhaps not as sophisticated as we would hope. The slats, well they were extremely difficult to move, even on the small example sample we were given.

We are questioning quality from the onset. We were right to open our minds and eyes to a new manufacturer, but perhaps correct to be wary and cautious.

Good Design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

In some instances, the grass can be greener, but we have been correct to maintain and continue our strong working relationship with Nienmade. We wish this other manufacturer the best of luck and hope they can make a success in the UK, but perhaps need a little more practice, practice makes perfect as they say.

'The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them’ and at Plantation Shutters we truly believe and trust in our manufacturer.

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Fozia - Review left on Trustpilot

Very good. Fantastic quality and fit. Very prof. Also arrived a few weeks earlier then quoted. Will buy for the next home also.

Trustpilot Reviews - Plantation Shutters Ltd
Julia - Review left on Trustpilot

I love my new blinds. They are high quality, look beautiful and were at the most competitive price. The fitters were also very polite and efficient.

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Stephen - Review left on Google

Plantation shutters visited my flat 20 January 2022 to measure, discuss slat size and material, and give me a free estimate which I was happy with.