The Shutter Advent - Day 10 - Hardwood

The Shutter Advent - Day 10 - Hardwood

Today we delve into one of our very popular ‘mid-range’ materials – Hardwood.

Hardwood wins over many of our clients due to it’s ‘best of both worlds’ qualities. This is our only material which combines two entirely separate materials in every set of shutters with all wood panels and frames made from Craftwood MDF.

Our hardwood material perfectly embodies one of our key ethos of offering high standard materials at accessible an price so our clients never have to choose between functionality and cost.

Why choose hardwood?

Hardwood shutters act as the perfect middle ground between our entry level Craftwood MDF and our all wood Pearlwood materials. Clients who are looking for wooden shutters may initially consider Pearlwood, but the MDF frames of Hardwood reduce the cost of the shutters which can tempt homeowners into the happy medium between quality material and price. When seeking out a wood finish option, there can be a reluctance to opt for anything that incorporates MDF, however the fixing frame is so discreet that it can really be worth the reduction in cost.

Similarly, for a small price increase from a full Craftwood MDF shutter, those looking to purchase a more cost-effective shutter option may look to Hardwood for a lighter weight shutter option and the wonderful finish of wooden panels.

What does hardwood offer which other products don’t?

As a middle-ground material, there are more qualities available in hardwood than our entry level choices. Selecting Hardwood opens up 14 additional colour finishes than the 9 available in MDF as well as the possibility to utilise our custom colour matching service. So, if the 23 standard finishes don’t take your fancy, then the colour wheel world is your oyster.

There is also more opportunity in technical specifications for certain shutter styles or panel configurations in hardwood because the wooden panels give it a lighter weight finish. For example, in Hardwood 4 panels can be hinged together, whereas only 2 can be hinged together in MDF. This can often be a reason to sway into upgrading from the MDF to achieve the design they are looking with the excellent longevity that well manufactured shutters offer. 

 If you would like some stunning new Hardwood shutters for your home, or to explore and compare all of the different materials in our range, we recommend booking in for a full survey with one of our expert measurers. Book in today by speaking with our friendly team on 020 8871 9222 or alternatively submit your details using a Contact Us form.

Job specs:

  • Material(s): 
    Hardwood Shutters
    Pearlwood Shutters
    Security Shutters
    Craftwood MDF Shutters
    Waterproof Shutters
    Ultra Shutters
  • Style(s): 
    Full Height
    Café Style
    Tier on Tier
    Solid Panels
    Odd Shaped
  • Room(s): 
    Living room
    Dining room
  • Range(s): 
    Classic (64mm)
    In Vogue (76mm)
    Modern (89mm)
  • Tilt rod style(s): 
    Traditional (centred)
    Traditional (offset)
    Contemporary (hidden)
  • Finish(es): 
    White & off-white


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Very good. Fantastic quality and fit. Very prof. Also arrived a few weeks earlier then quoted. Will buy for the next home also.

Trustpilot Reviews - Plantation Shutters Ltd
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I love my new blinds. They are high quality, look beautiful and were at the most competitive price. The fitters were also very polite and efficient.

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Plantation shutters visited my flat 20 January 2022 to measure, discuss slat size and material, and give me a free estimate which I was happy with.