We love fitting shutters in different homes throughout London and beyond and it is especially interesting when we get to see some of the unique places that these stunning shutters help to enhance.

Our experts recently fitted some circular shaped shutters in a stunning Houseboat which truly look fantastic in this beautiful, and different, home. Together with the interior design expertise of Eve Waldron, a Cambridge interior design company who we love partnering up with on projects, the homeowner has gracefully allowed us to snap some pictures to show off these stunning interiors and shutters.

Shutters really tie a room together and having experts to consult on creating a unified design can allow you to enhance and make the most of the space in each room. Houseboats are a good example of such spaces where intelligently designing the area to utilise space has particular importance, both in beautifully enhancing any space throughout the home and transforming this already unique abode into something truly exceptional.

The colour pallet of the room has been carefully selected to match stunning neutral greys/ stone colours with popping yellow and navy – pairing this with the greenery in the room makes for a lovely combination. Our taupe grey shutters match beautifully to the wall colours enhancing the stunning artwork and room furnishings. Taupe grey is one of many of our standard colours which often surprises clients as they expect only whites to fall into this standard range – we actually have numerous options to choose from in painted and stained finishes. Not to worry if you can’t find your perfect colour in our standard library though, we also offer colour matching in some of our materials. The classic 64mm slat and central tilt rod are fantastic choices for these shutter panels and really complete the design.  

Shaped windows can be notoriously tricky to dress as most window dressings are designed for square windows which is why Shutters can be such a fantastic solution for these trickier windows. Plantation Shutters are custom made for your windows and your home so we can make these shutters to the shape of your window allowing for a perfect fit and fantastic finish every time.

Pearlwood is our all wood product and is used on almost every shaped window. Shaped shutters need to be manufactured from our lightest wooden materials, Pearlwood and Ultra wood, to ensure that they are structurally sound and can be made to this perfect finish with the build quality longevity our manufacturer is proud to offer in ever shutter. Our faith in the exceptional build quality of these shutters as well as the expert workmanship of our surveyors and installation team see a 5-year warranty applied to all shaped shutters.

Nickel-plated hinges are used to tie together this ensemble and add that extra bit of luxury to the shutters. These Nickel hinges are exceptionally popular at the moment and many of our clients just love the colour finish they offer which combines modern colour choices and styles with a slightly more traditional addition. The nickel-plated hinge works as a fantastic addition to white or coloured shutters.

If you’re looking to purchase some of your own stunning shutters, shaped or square, don’t hesitate to contact the team today and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have. You can also seek inspiration in our gallery for some fabulous new shutters.

When renovating your home and looking to add a bit of luxury to the space, you can also visit Eve Waldron’s website to get inspired by some of the stunning projects they have completed and also find out how to enlist their expert help.