Beautifully Presented Home in Clapham

Mary by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Beautifully Presented Home in Clapham

There is always something so fresh and inviting when it comes to redesigning a home. Getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. This newly refurbished home in Clapham South had just that, making way for a new home for this family to enjoy. Inspired by the Scandinavian style, Mary and her family set out to make this home a place they couldn’t wait to return to at the end of the day. As you walk through the home you are welcomed by their warmth as well as style. After loving her first lot of shutters so much Mary chose to return to us to get more fitted in her bedroom and bathrooms.


The bathroom has a harmonious design with the infinity shower and rainfall showerhead melting into the rest of the space making for an easy transition in and out of the shower. The monochrome colours create spacious and luxurious feel making it the perfect room to pamper yourself in and feel refreshed for your day ahead. To complete the look, they added our shutters to the window creating the perfect combination of privacy and light control. There is no need to shower in the dark for privacy or in full light with the fear of someone peering in.


Still in the process of renovation, this bedroom showcases the beautiful clean Scandinavian style that is seen through the rest of the home. With clean white walls and brass fixtures, this truly makes for a serene room promising a peaceful night’s sleep. The shutters were meticulously chosen to support restful sleep. Shutters not only look amazing, but they also offer as near a blackout option for the evening and privacy during the day while still allowing light to enter the room making it feel bright and open.

Mary’s shutters are made from our Silkwood range which is well known for its smooth finish. Silkwood is a combination of MDF frames with ABS louvers making it a lightweight product perfect for wide windows. Mary then opted for the large slat size of 89mm to match the sophisticated style of her home while allowing for the maximum amount of light coming into the space. Finally, she chose our Pure White paint finish with white hinges so that they would slightly stand out against the off-white walls becoming a feature of the home without taking away too much of the focus from the rest of the room's design.

Join Mary and put your windows on the best-dressed list and Plantation Shutters are the perfect choice for just that. They are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and perfectly adaptable for your family requirements. Have a browse through our shutter styles and lifestyle gallery. Keep an eye on our amazing product range and get in touch today with our friendly team by email or call us on 020 8871 9222.

Job specs:

  • Material(s): 
    15% Off Silkwood Shutters
  • Style(s): 
    Full Height Shutters
  • Room(s): 
  • Range(s): 
    Modern (89mm)
  • Tilt rod style(s): 
    Contemporary (hidden)
  • Finish(es): 
    White & off-white

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Customer Reviews

Recommended to me by a friend and I would highly recommend Plantation Shutters to anyone else who is looking to get shutters installed. Super helpful service from the whole team at Plantation Shutters. From initially measuring up while I was abroad with work, to adjusting my order when I had changed my mind and the top-quality installation. Most importantly, the customer service and transparency has been great. I placed this order on 4th Feb (just as COVID-19 was spreading to Europe). The team were in regular contact throughout and still delivered on time - even a global pandemic could not derail them! Impressive stuff! Thanks again!!

James, a customer from London via Google