We recently ventured west to Henley-upon-Thames to work with Spratley & Partners on this wonderful traditional family home. Located in a quiet picturesque cul-de-sac in the beautiful family home that is Willow Cottage filled with character and comfort.  

Willow Cottage is styled with a traditional look that reflects the cosy and comfortable atmosphere of the home with the warm wooden colours from the furniture. Seeing as this home is located on a corner, having privacy in the home was important to the family. Shutters are a great source of privacy for your home. As well as privacy, they also offer constant airflow through the home. Just open up your windows and close the panels with the louvres open so you don’t have to compromise on privacy. This was a huge drive for this family to get shutters installed throughout their home. Another reason they went for shutters was that in two of their rooms they required Velux shutters to fit their windows in their roof.

Hardwood – Full Height – In Vouge (76mm) – Pure White – White Hinges

The rooms that had our shutters fitted in were the master bedroom, office, second and third bedroom as well as the dressing room. The master bedroom also had shutters fitted onto the doors leading outside. The beauty of our shutters is that they are made to measure so no sized window or door is too difficult to fit, and they are all installed seamlessly completing the whole look of the room.

The shutters that the family chose were made from our Hardwood range which is one of our most popular shutter materials. Hardwood shutters offer the best of both worlds with solid wood louvres and MDF fixing frames. The slat size that was chosen was our In Vogue (76mm) to offer as much light into the room without having to compromise on privacy. Finally, they chose one of our popular paint choices of Pure White with white hinges so that they would melt into the space and match the window frames becoming a feature of the home without taking away too much of the focus from the rest of the room’s design.

Hardwood – Full Height Velux – In Vouge (76mm) – Pure White – White Hinges

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