There’s a reason that our classic look is so popular among our clients. It’s timeless in style and functionality. We headed over to Fulham to chat to our recent client and find out about her interior inspiration and the magic of Plantation Shutters. Fulham is such a busy and vibrant area of South West London, located on the bustling waterfront on the River Thames in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. A combination of families, entwined with young professionals, both looking for a London location they can call their home.

Question 1: Describe your interior style?

Fresh and welcoming, my aim was to create an open space that was filled with natural light, neutral colours and simple furniture. It was important for me to create an environment that was comfortable and also practical. It is hard to enjoy a home if you are worrying where you can put your glass down!

Café StylePearlwoodIn Vogue (76mm)Hidden Tilt RodsWhite HingesPure White

Question 2: What motivated you to choose shutters within your home?

I wanted to find a balance between allowing natural light and maintaining a sense of privacy. Compared to blinds and curtains, I felt the shutters were a ‘lighter’ option; they complement the contemporary setting of the kitchen and dining area, plus shutter are also great from a maintenance perspective; they are far easier to clean.

Question 3: Your property is beautiful, tell us what differentiates your property from others in this area of London?

Thank you. Externally the property blends with its surroundings but on the inside, it is a combination of traditional period pieces with a modern touch. I wanted the property to reflect where I am in my stage of life without taking away its own unique character. It was difficult balancing period fireplaces with industrial reclaimed furniture but I am happy with how it has all come together. My home reflects my personality and enhances the personality of the property.

Question 4: What’s the best thing about living where you do?

It has to be the location. The transport links mean that I can get into central London within 20minutes but when I am home I am surrounded by a number of green spaces, residential streets and far less people. The café’s and coffee shops are great for socialising and for shopping I’m a stone’s throw away from Kings Road and Westfield.

Question 5: What difference (s) have you noticed in your home since shutters have been installed?

As soon as the shutters were installed the property felt more ‘homey,’ there was a sense of warmth and privacy. I love being able to keep the shutters open and at the same not feeling exposed. I was concerned about losing some of the natural light but because the shutters can be drawn open or have the slits open this is not an issue and you have plenty of options so you can play with the ambience of your home.

We’re always more than delighted to hear that a customer of ours is happy with our services and how our shutters have made a difference to them and their home. You can find many more loving testimonials, just like this one, over on our Customer Reviews page.

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