A Splash About on The River

Lord Beefington & Dolly

A Splash About on The River

A Note From Rob

I have lived in London now for over 30 years and its only in the last 5 years I have discovered the real delights of the Thames and the best way to see it – from a rowing boat!  My personal favourite, a Celtic Long Boat, which is a sea worthy, relatively stable 5 seater, 4 rowing and one cox.

Having discovered this gem of London and having a small involvement in supporting Regenerate UK (from taking on my own employees to mentoring children from the estates), it seemed to be a sensible idea to bring these two remarkable things together.

Regenerate, formed in 2000, looks to support young families and young people living in Roehampton and estates across London. It is a Christian focused charity, that looks on the individuals, gets to know them and uncovers their potentials for a prosperous future.

Picture the scene, a hot sunny morning in South West London, our recruits arrive to the banks of the Thames ready to learn their new skill. Dropped off by the Regenerate mini bus, they emerged – two teenagers (one perhaps a little more prepared than the other!) They both shared excitement and enthusiasm alongside a splash of nerves, but ready to give it a go at rowing along the Thames.

To say I was impressed with the speed of progress of both teens would be an understatement, as within about 10 minutes they were rowing like professionals, chatting and giggling and taking in the beautiful sights along the river.

We dropped the slightly exhausted girls back to the mini bus about 2 hours later. Gleaming with joy and buzzing from the activity.

I have a feeling they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt a new skill! I’d hope you agree!

Thank you Regenerate for helping this local community and all the countless projects you’re involved in.  We can’t wait for our next students ready to take to rowing for their next challenge!


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