What do you think about these triangular shutters and track systems we’ve installed in Weybridge?

Weybridge is becoming an increasingly popular area for window shutters. When these clients came to us they had interesting and complex shutter requirements. With a tricky triangular shaped top and a large rectangular window with windows that open inwards. This was definitely a job for an expert.

Thanks to our crack team of experienced measurers and fitters we were able to find a solution. With a made to measure four-panel triangular top and a bi-folding track system underneath these shutters are really something to behold. Made from our premium Pearlwood these Silk White shutters have a 76mm louvre with an offset tilt rod.

As you can see these shutters have transformed the entire space. To find out more about our window shutters and how we can help you find the ideal solution for your interior, call us now on 020 8871 922 or email us your enquiries.