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‘I am looking to get shutters, but how much light do they let in?’ ‘Can I use shutters in my bedroom?’ ‘Will my shutters provide a good environment for my child to sleep in during the day?’ Does this sound familiar…? If so, Plantation Shutters is here to the rescue.

There are a few tips and tricks we can carry out when designing your perfect shutters that help to decrease the light, but if you are looking for stunning shutters, with maximum light control, we have a very special opportunity for you… drum roll please!

Welcome to the room darkening solution. Unlike blackout blinds, the room darkening solution uses both blind and shutters to maximize light reduction. The unique design of the F-Frame means that light bleed levels from around the side of the room darkening blind are incredibly low compared to traditional blackout blinds.

The room darkening blind is a simple draw string lightweight concertina blind that fits perfectly in its own channel between your shutter and window. This means when your shutters are tilted open, the blind can be hidden at the top of the frame of your shutter. During the evening you can operate the drawstring and close the slats, perfect for catching the last evening light.

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How can I get my hands-on room darkening blinds, I hear you ask? Very simply, you pick out your shutter style (just as usual) and then choose your blind fabric to match. We will then fit your shutters and blind using our specialised F-Frame.

And the best news? Our room darkening blinds are currently on special offer! This solution is perfect for bedrooms, children’s rooms, home cinemas or living rooms, and is sitting at a great price per square metre with 20% off the blind price*. This amazing offer is available until 1st June!

If our room darkening solution is the answer for you, pop us a call or an email, we would be thrilled to talk you through and provide you with your stylish shutter with maximum light reduction. Best of both worlds!

Join us and give your home the Spring makeover it deserves!

This sale ends on Friday 1st June 2018.

*See full terms and conditions.

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We are delighted with our shutters - so much so that we have placed an order to do the whole property. The quality is fantastic and the service and standard impeccable. Very impressed!

Customer in North West London


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