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Do you know how long bay windows have been around for? They have been used for a very long time in Europe and some of them date back to 14th century Germany. In England, they were first seen late in the Victorian and Edwardian periods due to a change on the Building Act regulations which allowed windows to stand proud from the facade. Nowadays, they are everywhere in the UK and are a big favourite in London.

Bay Window Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

At Plantation Shutters, we receive daily calls and enquires from customers looking to install interior window shutters on their bay windows for many reasons. Shutters add a bit more privacy from outside watchers, cars and buses, they are very easy to manage and maintain, they add style and elegance to the room and can add value to your property.

Is there a best style of interior shutters for bay windows? We have recently written a blog post about it (read more) and the correct answer is - it depends! It depends on how big your windows are, the material of the product and what exactly you want to achieve with the shutters for example, privacy, style or versatility. The good news is that all our shutters are custom-made and therefore, we can provide you with what you want whatever your choice of style.

We offer the widest range of shutter styles in the UK including full height, café style, tier on tier, solid panels and special shapes. The most popular styles for bay windows are certainly the café style, which covers the bottom part of the window leaving the top un-shuttered and also, the tier on tier style which is probably the most versatile of them as it allows you to open all top and bottom panels independently and separately.

Our range of shutter materials is also one of the widest in the UK and when it comes to deciding which one to use for your windows you don’t need to worry. We will advise you on your choices based on the size and shape of your windows.

Our experienced team of surveyors carry samples of all our shutter materials and you will be shown all our options when they come to measure your windows.

The range was designed to suit all budgets starting from our entry level material Craftwood MDF all the way to our premium wood Pearlwood. The colour options will vary amongst the materials with one offering more options than others, the good news is that they all offer at least five shades of white, so you are likely to find what you are looking for.

To discuss the options for your bay windows, call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email us your enquiries.


Customer Reviews

Very pleased, super friendly, nothing too much trouble, really pleased, will recommend and use again, 10 out of 10.

Pearce - Customer from West London


25% Off all our materials by Plantation Shutters Ltd

25% Off all our materials by Plantation Shutters Ltd