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What is your favourite room in your house? This question will surely generate a wide variety of answers for all sorts of reasons. What we can certainly state is that the dining room is one of the most used places in any home (some would say it’s the soul of the home) as it’s a place where family and friends come together to spend time, talk, laugh and enjoy delicious meals in one room. For many, this area is used daily or for others more for more formal dining or special occasions. In any case, it is a multi functional space where we eat, entertain or even work.

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For such a special and important place in the home, the space requires a stylish yet practical window dressing option. Shutters are an excellent option for a dining room space and becoming increasingly popular for both practicalities and style. Window shutters can virtually blend with any home, from period homes to more contemporary style ones. From the large range of materials, colours and finishes they fuse perfectly with every interior design taste and vision.

A great benefit of interior shutters when compared with other window dressing options is that they are a more flexible and functional. They allow you the option of altering amount of light which can be altered dependent on the mood or amount of privacy required. And if we are talking about the dining room windows, privacy is something that is likely to be at the very top of the priority list.

Our shutters come in a wide range of styles to suit your needs. You can opt for the full height which covers the whole space of the window and it is very popular amongst those customers looking for a bit more privacy or you could go for café style shutters which covers the bottom half of your window leaving the top un-shuttered. This is also a favourite style as customers get the best of worlds – plenty of light coming through at the same time it preserves the room’s privacy.

There is also a good variety of materials options for you to choose from. The good news is that we offer the widest variety of shutter materials in the UK starting from the Craftwood MDF option which is our entry level product and is ideal for those customers looking for a cost-effective option and for those looking to have a premium product, Pearlwood shutters would certainly be the right option.

It is the most complete material of our range and comes in all shapes and colour finishes available. The different material options ensure we can work with all budgets. Our expert team of surveyors will ensure to find you an option that can work for you and best suit your dining room windows. With being the leading shutter provider for the UK, our team will ensure you to get the best product for your home.

To discuss the options for your dinning room windows, call us on 020 8871 9222 or email us your enquiries.


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Recommended to me by a friend and I would highly recommend Plantation Shutters to anyone else who is looking to get shutters installed. Super helpful service from the whole team at Plantation Shutters. From initially measuring up while I was abroad with work, to adjusting my order when I had changed my mind and the top-quality installation. Most importantly, the customer service and transparency has been great. I placed this order on 4th Feb (just as COVID-19 was spreading to Europe). The team were in regular contact throughout and still delivered on time - even a global pandemic could not derail them! Impressive stuff! Thanks again!!

James, a customer from London via Google


25% Off all our materials by Plantation Shutters Ltd

25% Off all our materials by Plantation Shutters Ltd