Living room & lounge shutters

The living room and lounge are very important rooms in your home, this is because, not only are they rooms in which you and your family will spend a lot of time, but are also areas that you will socialise with any visitors you may have. This is certainly an opportunity where you can bring your interior design skills to life and give your home that wow factor you're searching for. There are many details for you to decide in terms of styling which may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry, we can give you a hand when it comes to your living room windows.

Living Room Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Interior shutters, also known as plantation shutters, are a very stylish and elegant idea for any window or door in any room due to the versatility they offer with regards to functionality and colour finishes. They look astonishing in the living room and quite often blend with any design. We have worked with many interior designers in the past and they say that the vast majority of their customers would go for shutters rather than other window treatments.

Some of our customers have said that shutters have increased the value of their property. You may have noticed that there are many companies within the shutter industry and you are most likely to be wondering where to start from. We have over 37 years of experience in the market so we know a couple of things about it and one aspect that has to be treated as a priority in your search for shutters is the quality of the service provided.

We normally come to your property, measure your window and then present you with what we believe to be the most suitable options for your window. For example, the shutter material and shutter style may vary depending on what colour finish and slat size you want for your living room shutters. There is also the tilt rod option that can be centred, offset or silent.

Our shutters are made to measure and therefore, we can offer you a vast range of shutter styles that start from our most popular styles such as full height and tier on tier which can virtually be applied to any window shape and size. For those windows whose shapes may seem too complicated to cover, including the shaped and arched ones, our special shapes range is the perfect solution.

We also have a wide range of shutter materials to offer you starting from our entry level Craftwood MDF option that suits all budgets to our premium wood Pearlwood which originates from managed plantations in the Solomon Islands. Whatever your choice is, we can certainly provide you with what you want.

Once the above is decided, we will order your living room shutters and as soon as they arrive to our warehouse, our expert team of fitters will come back to your house and fit them for you. They will leave your house exactly as they found it with only one exception: your living room window will then have a stylish set of interior shutters.


Customer Reviews

It was a great experience dealing with Plantation Shutters.
Anthony, a customer from Kingston Upon Thames via Checkatrade


25% Off all our materials by Plantation Shutters Ltd

25% Off all our materials by Plantation Shutters Ltd