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Elevate your outdoor living and transform your space with our premium retractable garden and patio awnings, adding beauty and functionality to your property. With a wide selection of finishes to suit any space and aesthetic, our awnings promise unbeatable quality and design. Upgrade your outdoor oasis and enjoy the warmer weather in style with awnings from the experts you can trust.


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Give your patio and garden an all-year make over with retractable awnings

Retractable awnings allow you to enjoy the delights of your outdoor area for more of the year come rain or shine. Intelligent wind sensors can automatically retract the awning when gusts increase to keep a safe and sturdy structure, so you’ll fall in love with both the design and practicality of your new awnings. The optional addition of lights, heaters, and extra screenings will introduce even higher specifications and impressive usage that will make your awning the envy of your friends, family, and neighbours.



Retractable Awnings

Never fear a fleeting rain shower again with your stunning awning on hand to save the day. Built for varying weather, your awning will protect your summer soiree and keep the fun going all day long.


Garden Awnings

Powder coated aluminium hardware combines strength and durability to provide the highest quality fixture to the area. With adjustable pitch settings, you will be able to select the best extension for any need and every mood, so your awning is reliably ideal for all occasions.


Patio Awnings

Our awnings are sleek and compact in design for a subtle yet effective transformation of your space. The vast selection of fabric and colour choices means whether you’re striving for a smart understated match to your property, or the opposite in a bold splash of colour and texture, all your boxes will be ticked.


Awnings Additional Options

Additional features including built-in heating, lighting and side screening systems mean that your awnings will be tailored to you down to the smallest detail. You’ll fall in love with your outdoor areas all over again when your awning allows you to enjoy the fresh air more often and leave you in relaxation bliss.

Get yourself an unbeatable quality awning from an in-house team dedicated to making your house a home

Whether you’re looking for garden awnings, patio awnings, porch awnings, or something similar, choose an in-house team dedicated to making your house a home.

Discover our retractable awning range


Opal Design Awnings

Opal Design Awnings offer the most advanced specification in our range and provide the perfect combination of a timeless cassette and ground-breaking technology housed inside.


Grey Tiger Awnings

Grey Tiger awnings have one of the highest technical specifications of our range within its stunning compact and sleek cassette guaranteeing efficiency throughout the entirety of the awning.


Semina Life Awnings

Semina Life awnings have drop profile end caps and an integrated rain gutter giving a youthful and compact design to make this awning a practical and stunning choice for any outdoor space.


Puma Awnings

Puma awnings offer a compact cassette design with a cover that closes against the awning’s front profile. It protects the fabric and ensures a long life span for the hardware and fabric.


Cassita Awnings

Cassita awnings boast a slim and simplistic cassette design that is perfect as a stand-alone feature or to be installed under ceilings with their two-point mounting systems.


Bobcat Awnings

Bobcat awnings are a brilliant introduction to our awning range and offer the perfect combination of a simple and lightweight awning that is still strong and efficient.

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Fabric Finishes

Our vast range of finishes will inspire your dream awning design whether you are looking for a sleek and neutral fixture or a bold and bright aesthetic. Block colour choices are available in a variety of fabrics, each offering something unique to the other. If multi-tonal or patterned options are the eye-catching boost your outdoor area is calling for then you’ll be drawn to the mixture of choices in our libraries. Explore our easy colour guide to see the standard ranges available or view samples on appointment with one of our expert measurers.


Awnings Gallery

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