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Shutters are the ideal dressing for your interior windows and are refined to suit any individual design preference. There is a huge range of style and material options available, as well as additional customisations that can be made to tailor the finish to something unique to you. We offer a variety of specially selected colour finishes for your shutters including white, grey, and other standard finishes as well as custom colour options to match to any paint colour outside of our specialised range.

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Window Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

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Discover our most popular shutter styles

Our shutters are custom-made to your windows. There is no such thing as a one size fits all - whether you are looking to cover the full height of your window, open-up an additional level of versatility by opting for tier on tier, or the shorter café style shutters to partially cover the window as preferred.

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Full Height Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Full Height Shutters

The best option for complete window coverage, it maximises light and privacy control in any room and is often used to dress bay windows.

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Café Style Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Café Style Shutters

This shutter style extends part way up the window and is a favourite in living rooms and other areas where full light blockage isn’t required.

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Tier on Tier Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Tier on Tier Shutters

Double up on shutter panels with this flexible style. They are a brilliant choice for increasing the versatility of panel operation and light or privacy levels.

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Window shutters for all rooms and styles

Our window shutters are an ideal dressing option for all rooms and styles in your home, from the small sash in the bathroom to the large bay in the living room. They are versatile and can give your home a modern minimalistic look as well as a more traditional one depending on your design preference.

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Bay Window Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Bay Window Shutters

Bay window shutters can have any number of panels and are commonly found in bedrooms or living rooms and will create the perfect finish for your interior design preferences.

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Sash Window Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Sash Window Shutters

Easy sliding operation for sash windows combined with a simple aesthetic means they have a fantastic availability for finishes and a great selection of operation possibilities.

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Arched Window Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Arched Window Shutters

Arched and odd shaped windows make for some of the most interesting shutter finishes as intelligent manufacturing designs can mimic almost any shape and angles required for the perfect fit.

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Shutter materials to suit all needs and budgets

At Plantation Shutters we're proud to supply the highest quality shutters in the market and offer our customers a diverse range of materials available for every budget, requirement, and home. Intelligent manufacturing techniques mean that our shutters are made to be strong and long lasting at an accessible price.

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MDF Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

MDF Shutters

Perfect for use throughout the home, the Craftwood MDF product is a client favourite due to its hard-wearing quality and cost-effectiveness..

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Wooden Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are ideal for bay windows thanks to the lightweight and intelligent non-twist core properties carefully crafted for longevity.

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Aluminium Security Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Security Shutters

The Aluminium Security range combines the luxury design of plantation shutters with innovating security, these robust shutters bring safety in style.

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Fozia - Review left on Trustpilot

Very good. Fantastic quality and fit. Very prof. Also arrived a few weeks earlier then quoted. Will buy for the next home also.

Trustpilot Reviews - Plantation Shutters Ltd
Julia - Review left on Trustpilot

I love my new blinds. They are high quality, look beautiful and were at the most competitive price. The fitters were also very polite and efficient.

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Stephen - Review left on Google

Plantation shutters visited my flat 20 January 2022 to measure, discuss slat size and material, and give me a free estimate which I was happy with.