10% Off MDF Shutters

Perfect for use throughout the home, Craftwood MDF is a client favourite due to its hard-wearing quality and cost-effectiveness. Easy to maintain and durable by nature, Craftwood MDF offers the sleek style you’ve been looking for in any room.

10% Off MDF Shutters

Craftwood MDF Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

The intelligent combination of MDF, LDF and HDF covered in an extruded polypropylene coating that goes into the design of our Craftwood MDF shutters is what allows its famed durability and easy maintenance. In busy homes, this resistance to chipping, cracking and warping paired with the easy to clean nature of MDF Shutters removes the stress of damage or marks that can be associated with other window dressings..

  • Made of composite wood harvested from well-managed forests
  • Comes in 9 contemporary finishes
  • Its polypropylene coating aids in the prevention of moisture absorption and allows for easy stain removal
  • Resistant to chipping, warping, fading and twisting
  • Most cost-effective material in range
Slat Size Options
  • 47mm, Classic (64mm), In Vogue (76mm), Modern (89mm), 114mm
Tilt Rod Options
  • Traditional (centred), Traditional (offset), Contemporary (hidden)
  • £185.00 m²
Finishes Available
Pure White by Plantation Shutters Ltd
Pure White
Silk White by Plantation Shutters Ltd
Silk White
Pearl by Plantation Shutters Ltd
Crisp by Plantation Shutters Ltd
Crisp Linen
String by Plantation Shutters Ltd
Sea Mist by Plantation Shutters Ltd
Sea mist
Brown Grey by Plantation Shutters Ltd
Brown grey
Stone Grey by Plantation Shutters Ltd
Stone grey
Taupe Gray by Plantation Shutters Ltd
Taupe Grey


Sean - Customer in South East London via Google

Shutter are amazing.

Mark - Customer in South West London via Google

The service was excellent throughout the quote and installation process.

Adelaide - Customer in Battersea via Google

Great service, lovely people who measured and fitted my shutters. They arrived on time and very efficient. I recommend!