Tier on Tier Shutters

Like full height style, the tier on tier style covers the whole height of the window. The difference between tier on tier, as the name suggest that there is a bottom and top tier of panels, completely separated at a certain point up the window (think stable door! ). It is a hugely popular choice for road facing windows, bay windows or living room windows where you would like lots of flexibility in the daily use of you shutters.


Benefits of Tier on Tier Shutters

Independence at it’s best

Having independent panels on the top and bottom half of the window means you can open the whole top half of the shutter panels, while leaving the bottom half of the shutter panels closed against your windows. This can maximise the light coming in through your window when the top tier is folded open and still allow for privacy on the bottom half of your windows. Each panel has its own set of slats that move in unison, independently from the other panels in the window.


  • Separate row of panels on the top and bottom of the window
  • Flexible control of panels (open the top half separately)
  • Adds privacy, but more panelling in total
  • Popular in ground floor rooms and bay windows

Tier on Tier Shutters FAQ


What is the difference between full height and tier on tier?

The main difference between Tier on Tier and Full-Height Shutters is that with two levels of panels opening separately to one another like a stable door, the shutters can offer versatile use and panel opening combining the benefits of both café style and full height shutters, whereas on full height shutters you can adjust the slats independently but not the panels.

hat windows are appropriate for tier on tier shutters?

Tier on tier shutters can be fitted to any window you wish. We tend to advise against this style of shutter for particularly small windows or for clients looking to reduce the amount of wood framing on panels. For these smaller windows or a design preference of as little framing as possible, full height style shutters would be the better option in these instances.

Tier on Tier Shutters Gallery


Tier on tier shutters near me

At Plantation Shutters, we offer a wide range of high quality tier on tier shutters. What you may not know is we offer our full measure and installation service in London, Beaconsfield, Surrey, Sussex, and Kent. Our state-of-the-art showroom is located just off Wandsworth roundabout in SW11, and all our experienced surveyors carry samples with them for home appointments in case visiting us in not an option. Get in touch today!

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