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Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters provide the versatility to create a traditional feel when used in addition to curtains or the much desired minimalist look when used as the alternative to curtains and blinds. Shutters bring a touch of elegance and class to a room and they are also exceptionally practical. They are considered to be aesthetically pleasing and produce a homely feel.

Not only are they more permanent than curtains, they can add value to the property making them a good investment. In addition to that shutters are durable, last many years and are easy to clean and maintain. Shutters are practical all year round and provide much needed visual security and privacy from the outside, protecting you from prying eyes without removing precious light.

During summer, as we have learned from the professionals in warmer climates across the globe, there is no better way to provide protection against the sun’s glare, keeping out the heat while still letting in light and air. At the other end of the spectrum as winter closes in, they hold in warmth by providing an extra layer of insulation.


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