Bay Window Shutters

Bay window shutters are one of the most popular window dressings in London. Their custom build accommodates complex angles and unusual shape challenges that this lovely window feature provides. Whatever style of bay window is featured in your home, and whether this gives an arched, boxed, or multi-angled effect, shutters will give you a new appreciation for it with all of the benefits on offer.


Dress your bay window for all seasons with shutters

Your bay windows and home deserve a dressing that is customised to their unique design from a specialised team of experts that can achieve the perfect shutter fit down to the smallest detail. Our shutters are made to measure and built to mimic the exact angle joins of each individual bay to create a seamless transition from panel to panel.

Victorian Bay Window Shutters

Three section bay windows are the most commonly encountered in London homes and are often referred to as the most standard form of bay. This style of bay will often have one or two large flat windows at the back of the bay and two joining windows at an angle for a splayed visual.

Box Bay Window Shutters

Box, or square, bay windows have a half box shape where sides and the central flat windows meet at a 90-degree angle. For this style of window, specialised corner posts link the side panels to the back flat window panels to mimic the box shape of the window in a sleek and luxurious way.


Shutters For Curved Bay Windows

Curved bay windows gain their distinctive semi-circular shape with numerous window panels joined at a large angle so that there is a smooth transition and curvature from window to window. Shutters are a perfect window dressing option as they maintain the distinct curvature of the window and character that they offer a room.


Bay Window Shutters From Outside

Bay window shutters not only enhance the interior aesthetics of your home but also add to its exterior charm. Achieve a seamlessly beautiful and luxurious design by adorning your windows with shutters, providing a cohesive curb appeal. Beyond the visual appeal, these shutters offer a range of benefits, including increased privacy. With the ability to tilt the slats at various angles, you can control the amount of light entering the space while effectively limiting the exterior view. Elevate both the look and functionality of your windows with stylish bay window shutters.

Popular shutter styles for bay windows

Our shutters are custom-made to your bay windows. There is no such thing as a one size fits all - whether you are looking to cover the full height of your bay, open-up an additional level of versatility by opting for tier on tier panels, or the shorter café style shutters to partially cover the bay window as preferred.

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Benefits of shutters for bay windows

Adding shutters to your bay allows you to keep the same stunning shape and unique look that this feature window provides a room along with a long list of benefits. You will enjoy excellent light and temperature control through the operation of panels and slats as required so you can tailor the room temperature and brightness to your needs at any given time. Where a bay window is looked in on, being able to adjust slat angles to improve the privacy levels of a room without completely blocking out light will be a welcomed function.

Bay Window Shutters FAQ


How much do bay window shutters cost?

Bay window shutters vary in price depending on material selection and the size of the window which they will be installed to – our most cost-effective product starts at £205 m². The exact price depends on numerous factors including size, design, and complexity of the shutters that will be installed to the window. To get an accurate quote for your bay windows, you can submit sizes to our friendly team who will be delighted to put a quote together for you and answer and questions you may have.

What are the most popular shutters for bay windows?

At Plantation Shutters, we offer a range of styles, however, full height shutters with a divider rail is the most popular style for bay windows. It covers the whole window whilst still allowing light to shine through which can be controlled by independent movement of top and bottom slats as well as stopping passers-by or opposite neighbours on all floors being able to see into your home.

What is the most popular room to have bay window shutters in?

Whilst they can be used in all spaces, we would normally recommend bay window shutters for living rooms and bedrooms where privacy and keeping as much light out as possible in paramount.

What are the most popular wooden shutters for bay windows?

The two most popular wooden shutter for bay windows are Hardwood shutters and Pearlwood shutters as they combine unmatched build quality and specification as well as being sensitively priced.

Can I add a top tier to my café style bay window shutters?

The short answer is yes, and we are always happy to help in any way we can but there are a couple of things you may need to consider. To turn café style shutters into a two-tiered shutter the whole frame needs replacing which we can certainly arrange provided we supplied the original shutters. Whilst it may be tempting to opt for café style shutters initially, if you think you may want to add the second tier at some point in the future we would always recommend choosing this option from the offset as it’s more expensive in the long run to add this second tier. The final decision is always down to your preferences though and we’re here to help in any way we can.

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Bay window shutters near me

At Plantation Shutters, we offer a wide range of high quality bay window shutters. What you may not know is we offer our full measure and installation service in London, Beaconsfield, Surrey, Sussex, and Kent. Our state-of-the-art showroom is located just off Wandsworth roundabout in SW11, and all our experienced surveyors carry samples with them for home appointments in case visiting us in not an option. Get in touch today!

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