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There are many window treatments available but take our word for this one, plantation shutters are definitely the most practical and original solution. This type of window dressing is very popular in London due to the versatility it offers you such as privacy from outside unwanted watchers, the ability of reducing the amount of light inside a room and also quite importantly, it is likely to add value to your property.


Bedroom Shutters FAQ


What is the most popular style of shutter for bedrooms?

Our most popular style of shutters for bedrooms would be any of our full height shutters range – this style comes with or without a divider rail or with a hidden break. Full height is the most popular because it covers the full height of the window to enhance that desirable darkening effect in bedrooms.

What are room darkening blinds, why would I need them?

Room darkening blinds are pull-down blind built into the shutter frame to further enhance the darkening effect in a room. Many clients will not require these blinds as shutters have a darkening effect naturally. However for light sleepers, those who are particularly sensitive to light or if you have a light source such as a lamppost outside the window, these are a perfect solution to enhance this room darkening. Room darkening blinds are very tricky to retro-fit so if you think that you might like these darkening blinds, buying them from the offset is highly recommended.

I want a bright custom colour for my child’s room, is this possible?

Yes – you can custom colour match in any room of the house you like and many of our clients opt for colours other than white for children’s bedrooms to match with their colourful décors. We have lots of neutral tones available in our standard library but if you would like to choose something brighter you can custom colour the shutters to any colour you like in a selection of our materials. As there is a surcharge attached to this custom colouring per order and colour, you may like to order some additional slats if you think your cheeky monkeys may enjoy their shutters a little too much as replacements as cheaper at the time of order.

Benefits of Bedroom Shutters

The Plantation Shutters’ factor

If we are talking about bedroom window coverings, you definitely want something that can keep your privacy in the room intact but at the same time, something that allows you to enjoy the view through your windows. We have got a solution for you: bedroom shutters. As all our interior shutters are made to measure, we can fit shutters on virtually any window of any shape and size.

Another aspect you are most certainly looking for is the ability of controlling the amount of light in your bedroom. Plantation shutters can substantially reduce it but if a total blackout is what you want, we can customise your shutters and attach a room darkening solution to them. The advantage of having this option is that you are able to regulate it to suit your light requirements as it can be fully open, half open or fully closed.

High quality shutters

We have a wide range of shutter styles and materials for you to choose from. The right one for you will depend on many factors including your taste and preferences as some materials offer more colour finishes than others. We usually come to your house, measure your bedroom windows and based on that, we would advise you on the best options that suit your requirements.

Depending on the size and shape of your windows certain styles would definitely work better than others. Our full height shutters and tier on tier shutters are favourites amongst our clients when it comes to choosing their bedroom shutter style.

To discuss the options for your bedroom windows, call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email us your enquiries.

Bedroom Shutters Gallery

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At Plantation Shutters, we offer a wide range of high quality bedroom shutters. What you may not know is we offer our full measure and installation service in London, Beaconsfield, Surrey, Sussex, and Kent. Our state-of-the-art showroom is located just off Wandsworth roundabout in SW11, and all our experienced surveyors carry samples with them for home appointments in case visiting us in not an option. Get in touch today!

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