Shutters for doors

According to some of our customers who have already tried other types of door covering methods, they have found plantation shutters to be the best solution due to their versatility and functionality. Well, depending on the size or shape of your door, you may find it hard to buy a curtain that can cover it entirely, where as we supply made to measure shutters. These can virtually be used to cover any door of any shape and size, regardless how high or large they are.

We have designed, supplied and installed a wide variety of custom-made shutters for doors in London including French doors and Patio doors in the living room, dining room and bedroom. We have also designed shutters for conservatory doors and gardens.

What you may not know is that we have also used these types of shutters to cover some areas in the bedroom, kitchen and laundry such as wardrobe doors and cupboard doors. Some of our customers have also used door shutters as room dividers and they really work well and bring style to those areas.

In general, plantation shutters are very beneficial for your house in many ways: they are very stylish and elegant, help you control the intensity of light that gets in the room, keep the room warm for longer and are also likely to add value to the property.

We have also received feedback from our customers who have had door shutters installed, and they feel safer due to the added privacy that the door shutters provide. Track systems are a very popular option for door shutters as they are very practical and are easy to use. There are two styles of track systems, bi-pass (image on the left) and bi-fold (image on the right). The first one allows you to fold the panels back to either or both sides. The second style allows you to slide the panels behind another to either or both sides.

At plantation Shutters, we offer six shutter materials to choose from and depending on your selection you can also have more than 40 colour options. In fact, we offer 28 colour finishes, 20 stains finishes and a custom colour matching option if you go for Pearlwood shutters. To discuss the options for your doors, call us on 020 8871 9222 or email us your enquiries.


Customer Reviews

Great communication from beginning to end. Courteous and efficient staff. The Shutters were fitted in very good time and there was no mess left behind. I would recommend them to a friend.

Customer in Twickenham


Promotional 10 Year Warranty by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Promotional 10 Year Warranty by Plantation Shutters Ltd