Shutter Materials

Our range of shutter materials guarantees an ideal addition for your home no matter the requirement or budget. Craftwood MDF is our robust entry level offering, whilst waterproof is the ideal choice for bathrooms. Wooden shutters are lightweight and can match other finishes in the room. Security conscious homeowners will find that our Aluminium material is just what they need to add extra protection to any space.


UK's highest quality shutter product

We are proud to supply the highest quality product in the market and offer you a diverse range of materials available for every taste, requirement, and home. Intelligent manufacturing techniques mean our shutters are made to be long lasting at an accessible price.


Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters are our introductory timber shutters, offering budget friendly simplicity and a beautiful lightweight finish for a range of windows and styles.


Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood is our entry level wood product and offers the compromise of the quality and sleek finish of a wood-based shutter without the premium price tag.

Most popular window shutter styles

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