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The living room and lounge are very important areas in any home not only are they rooms in which you and your family will spend a lot of time, but are areas that you will socialise with any visitors you may have. This is certainly an opportunity where you can bring your interior design skills to life and give your home that wow factor you’re searching for. There are many details for you to decide in terms of styling which may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry, we can give you a hand when it comes to your living room windows.


Living Room Shutters FAQ


What is the most popular colour for living room shutters?

Our most popular colours throughout the home are Pure White and Silk White. Many of our customers opt for this natural white colour to match the window or architrave as shutters are an extremely long-lasting window dressing so this neutral colour choice allows you to change your walls and the surrounds frequently whilst still matching fantastically to your shutters. White shutters also offer more light reflection to brighten the room. For those with a taste for colour, we have plenty of colour options in our standard colour ranges as well as the option to colour match to any of your desired choices in our Hardwood, Pearlwood and Ultra materials.

What is the most popular style for living room shutters?

The most popular style of shutter of living rooms is our Full Height shutters which extend the entire height of the window. This style tends to be favoured in living areas as well as other rooms where you would like to enhance light control but still want privacy in the room – especially in ground floor windows that can be looked down/ in on

What material would be best for my living room shutters?

If you are looking for shutters that are best equipped to handle the occasional knocks that come with a busy family home, you may like to explore our Craftwood MDF or Silkwood materials. Both are robust man-made products which are the best equipped of our materials to take the odd inevitable light knock. It is worth noting that whilst strong, interior shutters are not designed to withstand heavy force. With this in mind, you can order a couple of additional slats with your shutters just in case some flying footballs cause damage – we receive calls weekly from unhappy parents looking to purchase replacement slats and it is far cheaper to order these with the shutters rather than at a later date.

Benefits of Living Room Shutters

Our Product

Our shutters are made to measure and therefore, we can offer you a vast range of shutter styles that start from our most popular styles such as full height and tier on tier which can virtually be applied to any window shape and size. For those windows whose shapes may seem too complicated to cover, including the shaped and arched ones, our special shapes range is the perfect solution.

We also have a wide range of shutter materials to offer you starting from our entry level Craftwood MDF option that suits all budgets to our premium wood Pearlwood which originates from managed plantations in the Solomon Islands. Whatever your choice is, we can certainly provide you with what you want.

Our Service

We normally come to your property, measure your window and then present you with what we believe to be the most suitable options for your window. For example, the shutter material and shutter style may vary depending on what colour finish and slat size you want for your living room shutters. There is also the tilt rod option that can be centred, offset or silent.

Once the above is decided, we will order your living room shutters and as soon as they arrive to our warehouse, our expert team of fitters will come back to your house and fit them for you. They will leave your house exactly as they found it with only one exception: your living room window will then have a stylish set of interior shutters.

To discuss the options for your living room windows, call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email us your enquiries.

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Living room shutters near me

At Plantation Shutters, we offer a wide range of high quality living room shutters. What you may not know is we offer our full measure and installation service in London, Beaconsfield, Surrey, Sussex, and Kent. Our state-of-the-art showroom is located just off Wandsworth roundabout in SW11, and all our experienced surveyors carry samples with them for home appointments in case visiting us in not an option. Get in touch today!

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