Tilt Rod Styles

Traditional Style

If you are looking for a more charming look, then the Traditional style tilt rod is the way to go. It can be elegantly placed in the centre, offset or even hidden, to the left or right of your shutters. The Tilt Rod is used to adjust the louvers. Traditional style tilt rods are of excellent quality as they are securely fastened using machined staples to provide a robust addition to you shutters with which to open and close the louvres.

Traditional Style with Centred Tilt Rod by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Traditional style with centred tilt rod.

Traditional Style with Offset Tilt Rod by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Traditional style with offset tilt rod.

Contemporary Style

The Contemporary style (without a tilt rod) is ideal for those lusting after a more minimalist and clean look as it shows no physical sign of a tilt rod mechanism – it is hidden within the panel stile. Panels featuring this mechanism will have a groove and cover strip on one side, visible on the inside of the stile. This option does incur a small surcharge, which will be shown on your quote. This option is available for the Classic (64mm), In Vogue (76mm) and Modern (89mm) slat ranges. With all these options available there is no wrong answer. Any choice made is made by you and your preference alone.

Contemporary Style Tilt Rod by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Contemporary style (hidden tilt rod).

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