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What is a style? The style of a shutters is the term used to describe overall design of the shutters and how the window is dressed with the shutters on top. Whether the shutters cover the full height of the windows, half way up the window (café) or a shape, its describes the an overall design of the shutters.

Picking a style ultimately starts with the window and what your requirements are. We can advise the best style for you depending on your window size and what you're after. Once the style is picked (either from your own research, chatting with the office or from a site survey) all the nitty gritty elements can also be picked; material, colour, slat size. At Plantation, we can offer a style to work with any window with a host of advanatges available; maximising light, sturdy, full coverage; versitile use etc. 

The style of a shutter doesn’t affect the costings at all (unless you require solid panels of a special shape) so you can really pick and choose the exact style that best suits your window.

Whether your initially browsing shutters for the first time, or we have been out to see you for a site survey and need a reminder, we have put together a description of the different styles to help with the decision-making process.

Explore our styles and the advantages behind each one:

Full height style

Full Height Shutters 

Sleek and versatile, full heights the most accommodating and widespread style.

Cafe style

Cafe Style Shutters 

Shutters covers only bottom half of the window, while top half is uncovered. Ideal for street level windows on busy roads looking for privacy.

Tier on tier style

Tier on Tier Shutters 

Whole window coverage with two rows of panels (one on top of the other) like a stable door. Style allows for top half to be hinged open, while leaving bottom row closed.

Solid panels style

Solid Panel Shutters 

Traditional style of shutters, using solid wooden panels. Available in a selection of designs and finishes.

Special shapes style

Special Shapes Shutters 

Our custom-made special shapes interior shutters are designed to fit perfectly any window shape and can be a practical and stylish solution to the most difficult windows.


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Fantastic, speedy, courteous fitters and great quality product. I'm delighted with my shutters. Recommended 100%.

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