Interior Window Shutters

At Plantation Shutters Ltd we offer a variety of shutter styles including shutters covering the full height of your windows, café style shutters covering anything less than the window height and odd shaped shutters for unique and feature windows. With such a huge variety of shapes and sizes available, picking a style ultimately starts with the window and your design requirements. Our friendly and experienced team are on hand to advise on the best style depending on your windows and design needs.

Full Height Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Full Height Shutters

Full Height Shutters are our most popular style due to their iconic look, versatile nature and tremendously robust design. As the name suggests, full height shutters cover the whole height of the window and are boarded by framing around the shutter panels.
Cafe Style Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Café Style Shutters

Café Style shutters are favoured by those who are looking for the extra privacy and style shutters offer without covering the full height of the window. Situated on the bottom half of the window, café style is especially popular in communal areas of the home.
Tier on Tier Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Tier on Tier Shutters

Offering two separate panels for the full height of the window like stable doors, tier on tier shutters are perfect for large or road facing windows where flexible daily use is preferred.
Solid Panels Shutters by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Solid Panel Shutters

More traditional in style, solid panel windows cover windows like a door providing enhanced room darkening, noise insulation and security effect.
Special Shapes by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Odd shape shutters

We love a challenge and some of our most unique projects have been on special and odd shaped feature windows, highlighting our ability to design and fit anywhere.

Choosing the finishes

Once the style is picked (either from your own research, chatting with the office or from a site survey) all the nitty gritty elements can also be picked; material, colour and slat size. At Plantation, we can offer a style to work with any window with a host of advantages available; maximising light, sturdy, full coverage; versatile use etc. The style of a shutter doesn’t affect the costings at all (unless you require solid panels of a special shape) so you can really pick and choose the exact style that best suits your window.


Customer Reviews

Nathan & Laurence were excellent, really polite, friendly and courteous. They did an excellent job.

Sebastian, a customer from London via Which?


Promotional 10 Year Warranty by Plantation Shutters Ltd

Promotional 10 Year Warranty by Plantation Shutters Ltd